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Britax Installation Issues

Ok, so when I had my Pilot our Diplomat went in just fine with our latch. We used that seat for the first few weeks and had no problems putting it in, with the incline, etc.

Enter now. I have been using my infant seat since it reclines a bit more and Keira is still small enough to fit in it. Well, last week I decided it was time for the Britax again and went to put it in my Toyota Sequoia. FAIL. If I just put it in and latch it seems to sit pretty far "up" with not the instructed 45 degree incline it should sit at. I read the directions and tried the rolled up towel to fix it. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do that with our latch in this stupid SUV. The latch seams too close together and will not tighten down due to the big latch "hooks" getting caught under the base of the seat. Make sense? So the only way to spread the hooks out on either side to tighten it down is without the towel and thus having no incline. Keira screamed the entire time she was in it when I tired it that way. I am so pissed. I don't know what to do. Any one else have issues with incline and the seat fitting properly?

For the record, I have been installing carseats since Chloe was 2 so I know what I'm doing and have never had this issue before! 

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Re: Britax Installation Issues

  • I'm assuming you still have it rear facing.  Our britax didn't have much of a recline rear facing in the Outback, Tacoma or Pathfinder.  It wasn't until we turned it forward facing that we were able to get the recline to work.  And even still, it doesn't recline much.

    I know this is a stupid question, but our Britax has a lever thingy we have to pull in order to put the seat in recline.  We had to install the seat, then try to recline the seat.  It's a pain in the arse.

  • If you've got the time, I'd suggest going to Rex and having their carseat guy deal with it. It's free, he's super nice, and it might save you from further aggravation. GL!
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  • we had a similar issue. We took it to the fire department. . .they have people certified in installing carseats and they helped us out. GL!
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  • have you tried the seatbelt? i don't have a britax, but i've always been able to get a better and tighter installation with the seatbelt. good luck!
  • I dont have a britax but we installed ours with the seat belt cuz i could get a much tighter fit...and my friend who is a firefighter said she usually feels the same way about using the seatbelt over the latch.
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  • Ditto trying the seat belt. I'm not sure if this would help, but you can use a pool noodle instead of a towel. Maybe that would change the incline?
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  • I always go to the fire department and they use pool noodles. 

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