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severe diaper rash treatment

Nora must have pooped in her sleep last night and laid in it for hours bc she is RAW this morning.  She can't even walk because it hurts her.  She's laying on the couch beside me playing and watching tv and laying in a diaper and blanket.  She doesn't even want to move...which is so unlike her.  I'm going to call the pedi when they open in a few minutes... but do any of you have any miracle treatments for severe diaper rash?  This is so bad.  I feel terrible about it.  She HATES to have her diaper changed though and wouldn't even let me put her ont he changing table this morn.  I knew something was wrong though and I finally checked her diaper and found it.
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Re: severe diaper rash treatment

  • Poor Nora!

    We've had one day like this (luckily, b/c DD always has a poopy diaper in the morning), so I slathered on a ton of Desitin creamy and put DD in a sposie (since we CD) and after one change, she was already looking better.  Besides something prescription-strength (which luckily we've never needed), we've done well w/ Desitin (rather than a more sensitive, CD-safe cream, which seems to take longer to help).  Good luck!

  • ds has had the same issue and i agree on slathering on desitin nd even soem vaseline to prottect the desitin.
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  • :(  Sounds like a rough morning for her.

     Our pedi has recommended mixing some Triple Paste with a pea size amt. of hydrocortisone cream.

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  • Caleb had one like that this week, butt paste seemed to clear it right up. It's still red a few days later (on the spot that was raw) but isn't painful or bleeding.

    I also usually throw baking soda in his bath when he has a rash. This seems to help dry it up.


    I hope she's feeling better soon, the poor baby!

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  • Get her some of the desitin paste, it's got the most zinc oxide in it!  Our pedi recommended alternating that with lotrimin and giving DS some air out time and not using regular wipes.  So I switched him over to cloth wipes for a few days until he healed up.  (I don't cloth diaper but here's how I did that - I cut up some of the inexpensive Gerber cloth diapers and used a solution of 2 c. water, 1 c. baby oil, 1 c. baby wash to wet them with to use on him.)  Changing the wipes was the biggest help because he wasn't screaming when we needed to get him clean and after washing them, I went back and sewed the edges so they wouldn't frey and we've been usuing them since! 
  • I'm sure you have already talked to the pedi by now, but this is what our pedi recommended for S when she had it really bad:

    Equal parts A&D, hydrocortisone & lotrimin all mixed together.


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