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Anyone else develop a postpartum rash?

I had my baby 10 days ago.  About 2-4 days before delivery my lower abdomen started to itch and now it is unbearable.  It has also spread down my inner thighs and lower leg the last 2 days.  I am using a hydrocortizone cream and lidocaine cream. 

Did anyone else develop this and what did you use to relieve it?  I'm thinking I need to go in and get some steroid medication. TIA.

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Re: Anyone else develop a postpartum rash?

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    It sounds like PUPPS. I'd google and see if the symptoms sound similar. And call your OB. Feel better!
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    Yes! I had red itchy clusters of bumps all along my belly below the belly button and my inner thighs. I didn't use/put anything on it. It itched like crazy and I did scratch it all the time. It ended up going away on it's own after 2 weeks.
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    I posted something a few days ago.  I got the EXACT same thing.  I called my OB's nurse today and she told me the hydrocortizone should relieve it, but not for me.....I just gave up and after I showered I didn't put anything on it and made sure to wear breathable cotton pants anything else aggravates it.  I live an hour and a half away from my OB so if you can, go get it checked out to get relief.
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