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Postpartum Depression

Is this PPD or just regular old blues?

Since I had my son, I've had an insane amount of anxiety. Not just about his safety and care, but just in general. Even when my son is sleeping and content, I can't relax at all. I can't get any sleep. I just feel constantly on edge and like it's all too much for me. It's been a thousand times worse this week since I came back to work on Monday. On top of the anxiety I was already feeling, I am MISERABLE missing my son. I resent my husband for not making enough money so that I could be a SAHM. I feel like I'm not spending ANY time with my son, and like what was the point of having a child I only get to spend like 2 hours a day with? I've been crying on and off all day at my cubicle. I don't want to be a drama queen if this is all just a normal part of being a new mom. Any insight?

Re: Is this PPD or just regular old blues?

  • I have felt the exact same way. I had terrible anxiety when DS was born. I had trouble eating and sleeping, I was even shaking at times. I talked to my OB and he gave me Zoloft. I was nervous about taking it, but it worked wonders. I still have times of anxiety and some sadness from time to time, but it's more manageable.

    Also, you're not alone about the work thing. DH keeps asking when I am going to go back. (My boss was flexible and told me just to call her when I felt like coming back.) I have been procrastinating like crazy. I work with children and I worry about DS getting sick and this makes me very anxious. I need to get out of the house though so I am just going nuts over getting back to work. Anyway, you're not alone. You're not being a drama queen. There is such a thing as PPA. I hope you feel better soon and definitely call your OB and tell them what you are feeling. :)

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  • It looks like our LO's have the same birthday too!! lol :)
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