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First U/S

We have our first ultrasound yeaterday and it was amazing seeing the hurt beat and seeing how big the baby is. I really am pregnant Indifferent.

Re: First U/S

  • Isn't it wonderful!!!  Got to love the first ultrasound!  They're so special!  Continue to think positively and say "stick baby! Stick!!" 

  • Yes, you are! :-) Enjoy every moment - it flys by!

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  • I think the first time seeing the heart beat is magical.Congrats.


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  • That's great!!! Congrats and best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!
  • Congratulations! Isn't that the best feeling?!

    Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

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  • Oh, how exciting!!! The u/s really does make it real, huh?
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  • Congratulations! Very exciting :-)
  • It is pretty cool and it just gets more amazing to see that little blob turn into a person!
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    My 2lb 5oz 30 weeker is getting so BIG!
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  • I love getting to see u/s.  When my friends have been pregnant I always tag along and see their's too.  I just had my 2nd one done today and got to introduce my 8 year old son to his new sibling! Happy baby growing to you
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