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Finished our PRIDE Training.. now onto the licensing

Well, we finished our PRIDE Training on Saturday (it was in fact only 2 full Saturdays ... 14 hours) and now we move into the licensing phase.. the shortened PRIDE Training is basically to help weed out people.

We were told that the licensing process takes between 6-8 weeks.  Big Smile  So, now onto our Home Study, Background Checks, and Physicals... eeek!!

We've decided to do Foster Care and if the child becomes available for adoption then we would be open to that prospect.  I can't bring myself to have meetings with a child for adoption and have it fall through.  I figure it will be less painful for everyone if we just go into it as Foster Parents.. assuming they will go back to their BPs.

Re: Finished our PRIDE Training.. now onto the licensing

  • Whoo-hoo!  I know how great it must feel to be moving forward!

  • Good is always great to be moving forward.
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  • Thanks Ladies.. the agency seems to like to move quickly.  They said that even with their adoptions thru foster care like like to have it finalized within 6 months from the time of the application.

     And here, they actually continue to give you the foster care stipen and medicade if you adopt a child over 3 yrs old thru foster care (because even if the child doesn't have "special needs" they are considered as having "special needs" because of their age at the time of the adoption).


  • great news!! You are on your way!
  • Hey Maddie, sorry I have not gotten back to you, I was out sick and then I have been on ttcal a lot.

    How did you like the PRIDE training?  Did you do yours through CSS?  We were going to sign up for the 2 Saturdays in February or March but unfortunately we have to do the 4 Thursdays in April because of h's schedule.  We actually did our fingerprinting and physicals already so now it is just waiting for the class...and our next home study which is tomorrow!

  • So glad your training is over! We have 6 more weeks of weekly classes and then we'll be done. We got all our paperwork to complete the background checks, physicals, etc so hopefully those will be finished soon, too. 



  • Congrats on getting one big portion out of the way! 

    We are doing the same path - we are foster parents, and will be open to adoption if the child becomes available. Don't kid yourself though, you may become attached to a little one in your home and it might be difficult when they go back to their birth family.

    Good luck...keep us updated :)

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