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My name is Laci and I just got married in September '09 and found out we were pregnant in December!  We weren't even sure we wanted kids, but this baby survived BC so our little bean decided it was time!

 I am 11 weeks along and excited to get into my 2nd tri!  

Just wanted to introduce myself and hope to hear from other people who are also finishing their first tri and talk about all the different things we are experiencing!

Also, I love working out and have been keeping it up, but I would like tips as I get further along.  Any DVD suggestions?!?!

 XOXO,  Laci

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  • Hey there! My husband and I got married in May 08 and just recently found out we are expecting. I'm about 12 weeks now. I haven't worked out because I am terrified so I would appreciate any tips as well as where to go:)
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