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Insomnia = PPD?

Hi all. I am so grateful that everyone on this board seems to be so open and willing to share info about PPD.  I have been doing some reading on PPD and I definitely don't have all of the symptoms... I don't really think I feel depressed, just TIRED. I absolutely can.not.sleep. At first, I blamed it on all the night waking with DS. But he is getting to be a pretty good sleeper, sometimes even sleeping 8 hours straight, and I am still waking at least hourly all night. Sometimes I can't fall asleep (my worst night was two weeks ago when I literally laid awake for 6 hours and only got 2 hours of sleep. DS did not make a peep the entire time.) Other times, I sleep OK until he wakes for a middle of the night feeding, and can't sleep again after that. I start to feel extremely anxious during these episodes of insomnia--pounding heart, sweating, almost like a panic attack. My body is exhausted but my brain won't stop. Anyone have anything similar happen, maybe as part of PPD?

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  • What you are describing is my experience exactly with DD2.  It was terrible and very scary.  I would go weeks without sleeping any decent hours.  After about a month, I imploded.  Seriously, I completely fell apart and had to have my inlaws take care of my girls.  I was on ativan and serequel to sleep.  After about a month I stabilized and started to feel better.  I honestly think I wouldve been better if I had just gotten help earlier.  I would highly recommend getting help now before it gets out of control, not that you necessarily will, but that was my experience.

    Feel better and put yourself first...

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  • Mine didn't last that long because I got help right away but insomnia was definitly a part of my PPA. After I gave birth I didn't sleep for 4 or 5 days straight. At all. not even 5 minutes. for days. I become obsessed with getting sleep and that just made the problem worse. My doctor gave me a xanax to take to help me sleep for 3 nights in a row. It was heavenly. I couldn't breastfeed those nights but it was the start of my healing. I also got back on my lexapro which helped more long term but it takes awhile for lexapro and those kind of medications to work so that xanax helped me short term. Get some help! you deserve to sleep!
    DD 4yo DS 1yo
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  • Sounds like you have anxiety I have the same problem.I take tension tamer tea during the day and at night a natural sleeping pill ( calms forte).
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