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IVFer's who POAS before beta

When did you get a +? I'm considering POAS this time since I have a late beta and was wondering when most people got an accurate result.  

I know this has been asked before so I appreciate the responses.   

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Re: IVFer's who POAS before beta

  • I did the morning of my beta which was 8dp5dt. Based on my beta, if would have tested the day before at 7dp5dt, I most likely would have tested postive.
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  • I POAS every day beginning the day of ET. I got my first BFP 6dp3dt (9dpo).

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  • I was bad a POAS at 4dp5dt. I got a faint positive on a FRER (I was pregnant with twins at the time).

    Good luck :) I hope that this is it for you!!!!
    It took over four years to be diagnosed with PCOS. We TTC #1 for 18 months, did 5 rounds of Clomid and finally moved onto IVF...which worked! Throughout our IF journey, we suffered 3 miscarriages. We conceived both DD and DS without treatment.
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  • My beta was 15dp3dt (yes 18 dpo, it SUCKED). I POAS 13dp3dt...I was too afraid before then. It was +, but my beta 2 days later was only 147 so POAS any earlier might have been a negative for me.
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  • 6dp5dt and it was very faint.


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  • 8dp3dt I had a SOOOOPER faint line that only I could see.


    I'm REALLY HOPING this is your lucky cycle!  :) come on sticky baby!



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  • I started at 7dp3dt and I guess it was positive, but I didn't realize it was positive until I tested at 8dp3dt. 

  • IVF #1 - BFN 5dp5dt  BFP 6dp5dt

    IVF #2 - BFN 3dp5dt   BFP 4dp5dt

    Good luck Monty!!!!

  • tested day of ET to verify trigger was out - it was, got stark BFN

    tested 4dp5dt, BFN

    5dp5dt, BFN

    6dp5dt (in AM) BFN, (in PM) BFP :)  - that was with a FRER test

    also did a few digitals but they all came up negative till the evening of 8dp5dt

    Good luck to you!!!!

  • Well, you know I didn't test early, but I became very tempted at 7dp5dt. I figured it would have been positive by that point. Based on my beta numbers, I could have probably tested positive on 6dp5dt, but I would have been way tooooo scared.

    Just know if you get a BFN when you test to plan on testing a few more days just to see what happens.....nothing is final until the fat lady sings. :) And, in your case, I think you'll get your BFsP!!!


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  • Did you test out your trigger?

    I started testing the morning of my transfer.... it was negative... I tested  and got my 1st hint of a positive 6dp5dt.... but it was barely there... However, I had a blood test that day and my HCG was at 65. (my dr does a beta at the P4 appt, but he doesnt tell you until the nexy beta, which was at 9dp5dt and that one was 680.

    I think it the average is about 10dpo for a postive, but some don't get the positive until 14dpo, it all depends on implantation. 

    Best of luck to you!


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  • 8dp 3dt. Good luck!!
    DX: PCOS * Success with IVF

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  • I POASed on the Friday(12/11) before my Beta on which was on a Monday (12/14)..I was feeling terrible like, like I had the flu or something so I just kind of knew something was going on..

    I actually tested after work so it was in the early evening 5PM and it was dead on..then did it again on Sat AM same result.

    Keeing my fingers crossed for you!!

  • I did 10dp3dt. I was too scared to do it any sooner. I'm sure I would've tested positive earlier though. Good luck to you!

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  • My specific numbers are in my sig (I'm bad with numbers and can't remember them!). Personally, I waited until the night before my beta, after we'd done my PIO injection. I could not have managed to continue the PIO injections after having seen a negative HPT. So, we waited. Best of luck!!!!
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  • There was the faintest line only I could see at 6dp5dt, definite line at 7dp5dt
  • I only test when I know that the result will be accurate - no 9-11dpo for me.  I had a late beta - 15dp3dt.  So, I tested at 10dp3dt - so 13dpo and got a clear positive.  I didn't want to worry about whether or not the result was the truth.

    Good luck with testing!

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  • 10dp3dt (and that was on a random "+" test we had laying around).  After that one, DH went out and got a 4 pack of FRER (3 regulars and 1 digital) and made me take one every day until our beta!  Needless to say, they were all positive.
  • I hate the fact that Cornell makes you wait an extra 2 days if your ER was on a Saturday - as if they have no one there for bloodwork on weekends!

    For my BFP cycle, I POAS the Thursday before (when I got home from work) and all through the weekend.

    I have a good feeling about this one!  I believe in the magic of co-culture!

    Me: PCOs DH: Perfect!
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  • The earliest I got a positive was 5dp5dt. On my (sticky) BFP cycle, it was 6dp5dt (or6dt..I'm always confused on how to count an FET!).  GOOD LUCK!!!!! I have everything crossed for you! :)
  • I tested at 7dp5dt. My beta was two days later.

    Good luck!!

  • my beta was scheduled for 10dp3dt...   I POAS 3 times before...

    7dp3dt = BFN

    8dp3dt = BFN

    9dp3dt = BFP!

    and then, naturally, I had low betas to start with, so it all makes sense, but those two days of BFNs really hit me hard.   the BFP felt like a total shock after that.    but good luck to you!!!!

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  • I was too scared to test real early.   But my betas weren't until 2 weeks after the transfer and I couldn't hold out that long.

    The first time, I tested at 14dpER, had to walk away from it, and came back to a light line.   I'm sure I would've gotten a BFN if I tested earlier.   

    The second time, I tested at 13dpER, and it started to change before I even put the stick down.   But it was twins!

     good luck!

  • 7dp3dt... and it was really faint.  The first digital I took was 9dp3dt and it was positive.  Good luck!!
    After THREE years, our IVF miracle is here!!!
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  • 7dp5dt is when I poas....it was SOOOO VEEERRRRRYYYY LIGHT. I continued to POAS until 33 tests later. At least 1 per day until my beta. And then some.

    I really wish you the best of luck and hope that this is it for you.

  • 4dp5dt, best of luck :)
    H: 34 dx Azoospermia due to CBAVD from CF  
    ME: 39 IS FINE!!!  DOR and poor AMH/FSH/LH
    IVF/ICSI/PESA #1 Beta 1 373 Beta 2 1783 BOY/GIRL TWINS!! Born April 2010!!
    Natural FET 5/26/12 2 blasts Beta 1 207 Beta 2 513 Beta 3 1377 U/S 6/28 Pregnancy not viable d & c scheduled :( 
    IVF/ICSI/PESA #2 ER 11/15/12 Nothing to transfer :( 
    IVF/ICSI #3 April 2013 MDLF 3dt of 3 embryos, chemical :(  
    IVF #4/ICSI/MESA/CCS/FET EPP April 2015
    ODWU CCRM with Dr. Sch COMPLETE!!!! Put on acai supplement they are studying for DOR and embryo quality.
    DAY 3 Labs Drawn 2/26 put on vitamin D and calcium supplements
    Regroup and Protocol Reveal 3/04 "Bazooka Protocol" EPP with MDLF "Protocol 6 with patches"
    ER/MESA 4/10 ER 9 eggs retrieved MESA success found live swimmers :)
    Fertilization Report 6 eggs mature and ICSI'd 4 eggs fertilized normally
    Day 6 Report to Blast for CCS 4/16: 2 DAY 5 BLASTS BIOPSIED FOR CCS a 4AB and a 3AB!!!!
    CCS Results BOTH BLASTS CCS NORMAL!!!!!!  call on 4/24
    Regroup call to discuss CCS results and FET call on 5/20
    FET prep: CD 1 6/08 CD 3 Start BCP 6/10, HSG 6/12 Lupron Start 10 iu 6/17 End BCP 6/21 CD 1 6/23!!!
    Start vivelle patches 6/25 change e/o/d reduce Lupron to 5iu 6/25 Blood Draw 7/01, 7/08, 7/15, 7/19
    Increase vivelle patches 7/03 2 change e/o/d and 7/05 change e/o/d 3 and 7/07 4 change e/o/d add vaginal estrace 2x a day
    Lining Check/Blood Draw 7/08 and 7/15 End Lupron 7/18  Start PIO 1ml daily 7/18  Blood  Draw 7/19
    Flight to clinic 7/22
    FET 2 CCS BLASTS :):)  7/23 :):) YES YES both thawed and both fully expanded :):)
    7/26 :):) 3dp5dt PM very very faint positive FRER
    7/27: 4dp5dt Neg Digi AM but very very faint positive FRER PM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 1-2 :):) 
    7/31:8dp5dt AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 2-3!!!! :):) 
    Beta 1 8/01= 408!!!!!!!!!! at 9dp5dt FET
    Beta 2 8/03 = 1014!!!!!!!!!! at 11dp5dt FET
    8/05/2015 AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 3+!!!! :):) 
    First Ultrasound: 8/20!!!!!! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Genetics says BOTH BOYS!!!!!!!!!
    Second Ultrasound: 9/03!!!!!!!!!!


  • imageLVBlvd:
    8dp 3dt. Good luck!!

    Same for me too!  The line was very, very faint though...like you had to squint to see it!

    Good luck to you!!!

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