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FYI: SS card

For any of you waiting on or needing to apply for your LO's SS card.

Ours took exactly 13 days to get here.  And 4 of those were weekends and 1 was a holiday.  I was impressed, especially b/c they said to allow 2 weeks, so I assumed the holiday at least would push it out.

Re: FYI: SS card

  • Just in case any of you are fretters over the "processes" like I am.  I hate having something out of my hands/control!
  • Thanks! I always want to know other people's timelines. It eases my nerves :-)
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  • It has been exactly 20 days for us (including a holiday and several weekends) and we still haven't gotten anything.  Although we were changing her name, her social security number and it was in a different state than where we live, so that could be what is taking longer.
  • Boo!

    Yeah, ours was the original request for a new card.  No name change or anything else.

    I know when I changed my name when I got married it was crazy and took like 7 weeks.

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