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Postpartum Depression

treatment without meds

So I was diagnosed with PPD in January and have been going to therapy.  Some days things are really great and sometimes not.  I am trying to recover without medication.  Does anyone have any success stories that they could share?  I have recently started exercising again and I think that helps.  Any tips?

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  • Although I didn't go that route, I did explore treating PPD without medication. It seems like exercise is a MUST. Diet is also important and you're already getting therapy. Taking time for yourself on a regular basis and a good relationship with your DH also help. Good luck!
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  • I had PPD.  It took around 23 months to go away.  I went off the meds because they made me feel so bad. It was the hardest time in my life but it stopped just as fast as it came.  Almost 2yrs is a long time to suffer so don't think this will end in a month or two because it usually doesn't for most women.  It is a long road but some people are better off without meds.  I am promeds and I think sometimes meds aren't the best thing.
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