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Hi Everyone! 1st Pregnancy Tips?

Hi! I live in the South Bay area and am due June 22. It's my first pregnancy and I'm a little nervous. Any tips?

Re: Hi Everyone! 1st Pregnancy Tips?

  • im a new mommy too so not many tips...other than i promise you will be FINE!! I am still nervous nancy but it really does come naturally.

    I will say, pregnancy and delivery is NOTHING compared to recovery and breastfeeding!

  • A book I loved and have tried to implement (for the most part) is Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.  I think it helped DS sleept through the night by 2 months. 


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  • We took a hypnobirthing class with Alisha Tambouri and it was the best choice I made during this pregnancy.  It's kept me relaxed and it pulled the hubby and me even closer together. 

     Also, I've been getting regular chiropractic adjustments each week and that's kept me from having a lot of the aches and pains I hear my friends complain about.


    Lastly, find an inexpensive massage place and treat yourself to a few massages in the last trimester.  It's definitely helped me stay calm and relaxed and has done wonders for my circulation.  I live near the Lounge Spa and Roman is AMAZING.  The hour long maternity massage there is only $65, worth every penny to me!

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