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OB/GYN suggestions - Lexington KY

Hi, ladies! I'm interested in changing my doctor. I'd like to deliver at St. Joseph East in Lexington.

Does anyone have any "referals" they could give me. There is a list a mile long but I don't know anybody that has gone to any of these doctors.

Has anyone heard anything about these:

  • Dr. John Baird
  • Dr. Clarissa Beiting
  • Dr. Dalia Elkhari
  • Dr. Elizabeth Elkinson
  • Dr. John Greene
  • Dr. Tamara James
  • Dr. Sharon Steele

Thanks for any help that you can offer!

Re: OB/GYN suggestions - Lexington KY

  • I see Dr Bryan Rone at UK Women's Health on Richmond rd.  He's fabulous. 
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  • I see Dr. W. L. Dalton at Bluegrass Woman's Clinic (UK) on Harrodsburg Rd. I LOVE him, however he only does deliveries at UK Hospital. If you are interested in delivering at St. Joe I would suggest Dr. Sharon Steele. I have heard GREAT things about her.

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  • I'm at UK also.  I worked for St. Joe's for a awhile and heard wonderful things about Dr. Barry Campbell.  Met him a couple times and he's really a sweetheart!
  • I also go to UK (Dr. Zachman), but Dr. Beiting delivered my nephew.  She is wonderful, but according to my sister-in-law she is not delivering babies anymore.  Hope this helps!
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  • I'll have to second the post on Berry Campbell. He is amazing!
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  • Barry Campbell is great, but he is a High Risk OB - not sure you'd be able to see him unless it was medically necessary.
  • I see Dr. John Greene. He's very much a gentleman. I had initially wanted a female OB/GYN, so I saw a female physician in their practice. While there wasn't really anything "wrong" with her, she and I just did not mesh well. Dr. Greene, on the other hand, is awesome.
  • I suffered a stillbirth about 2 years ago w/ a particular doc that delivers at Central Baptist.  I do have medical issues and they did not take anything seriously.  After doing some research on a new doc., I found Doctor Cambell.  Like the previous posts, he is awesome.  He is a high risc doc, so you would have to a medical issue.  Not sure if you could contact him and get a ref. to a regular doctor.  He is the best doctor and I have had numerous people tell me the same thing.  Good luck!!!
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