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Postpartum Depression

Update and a big thank you!

So, I just came back from seeing my MW - thank you all for convincing me that I really did need to keep the appt. I feel so much better now!  I got put on some meds - she generally tries hollistic approaches first, but since this has been going on for so long and I have been in such a downward spiral, she didn't think that was such a good idea.  I must say that I agree.  So, I've got some meds, and the name of a therapist.  She is getting my thyroid tested just to make sure that isn't playing a factor also.  I just want to say thanks to everyone for their support.  This board and the ladies on it is a life saver!  Oh, BTW, I was diagnosed with PPD and PP OCD.
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Re: Update and a big thank you!

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  • Your midwife sounds awesome!  Checking your thyroid is a good thing to do to rule that out as the cause for how you are feeling.

    I'm sure that she mentioned that it can take a couple of weeks for the med to really take effect.  It can feel like a long time, but also, knowing that you are doing something about it can have a placebo effect, in the meantime.

    I'm so glad that you went, that you are feeling better and that you are on the right track!  Yeah YOU!!!!!

    And, thanks for checking back!  I wonder about ladies who post and never return. 

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  • Awesome!! I mean, not awesome that you are going through this, but so great that you are on your way to recovery :)
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  • I am so glad that you went to the appointment!!  :) I hope things start looking up soon!

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