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Postpartum Depression

Hi Ladies!

I haven't been on much, but I wanted to check in and say hi.  How is everyone doing?  I have been going through the usual ups and downs.  The days I forget my Zoloft are hell!!!!  I still have some terrible thoughts I need to work through, but I am continuing counseling.  I am so glad I am getting treatment...it is just weird how much that Zoloft controls my days right now!
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Re: Hi Ladies!

  • Hey there!  I've been wondering how you were doing!

    I understand sometimes forgetting to take your meds and then feeling it later.  Sucks big time.  My body responds really well to my meds and I can totally feel it when I miss a dose.

    I hope that you are able to keep moving forward.  There are rough days, but I hope that the general trend is for the positive!

    I've been having a rough few days.  DH & I got into a "fight" on the phone today.  It wasn't huge (and we've already apologized and made up), but it felt awful.  I guess that I am proud of us that its been over a year since he left for training/deployment and this is our first "fight".  (Sure, we've had discussions before, but this was the first time that we did not handle it as well as we should have).  I am just so freaking ready for him to get HOME.

    Hope to see you around when you have the time!  Take care!

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  • I've been wondering how you are doing.  I've finally decided to get some help and was diagnosed today with PPD and PP OCD.  I really hope the meds help.  I am so ready to have my life back.  I know it will be a long road, but I'm ready for it to begin!  I hope you continue to get better!

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