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What baby item did you buy that was a waste of $?


Re: What baby item did you buy that was a waste of $?

  • the moby!!  it never came out of its container...anytime we need a carrier, we use the snugli.

    we only used the swing about 1 month-month & 1/2, so i'd say it was still a waste of money because of how little we used it & how expensive it was, but it was a LIFESAVER when we needed it those few times.

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  • The bebepod. ?Its back in the box ready to be returned.

    I love the Moby but only used it twice. ?I could have seen myself using it more if G was born in the spring or summer when I could have gone on walks with her outside or if we were to go on vacation for the airport. ?

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  • Hotsling. He hates it!
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  • imageash138:
    We also use the comforter as a blanket the baby lays on and plays on in the living room.

    Great idea!  Because IMO the biggest waste was the bedding set- I really don't get why they even make comforters for cribs.  We left the bumper on because DS loves looking at it as he falls asleep. Oh, the diaper stacker was a total waste too- it hardly fit any diapers and most of the time they just fell out of the side if it was knocked. 

  • Outfits in NB and 0-3 that were dresses or pants with tops- all I ever used were one piece sleepers and kimono shirts when she was that small.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I wanted her in a dress with bloomers.
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  • I LOVE my bobby, baby is 7 mos and we stil use it.  Diaper stacker was a waaste, along with the beautiful swing, she hates it. I also LOVE the wipes warmer.  Wasted alot of money on baby shoes and nb and 0 to 3 mos clothing.  Wasted alot also on recieving blankets.  Instead of buying a travel system I got a sleep wrap that I love.
  • I have a bunch of sleeping gowns that we never used for DD. It was easier to gave her in the sleep and play pjs.
  • I'd have to say, the cloth diapers ( we never really went full time with them so I stopped using them) and the sling, which I got for cheap on ebay, but he hated being confined in it even when he was newborn. I LOVE my pack and play, boppy, bumbo, paci's, and bottles, bouncy chair, swing and travel system and I never got a crib set because we had so many fitted sheets already.

  • imagejmrussell03:

    I guess every mom and baby is different.

    I love my PNP with napper and changer. I actually wish I had two, one for each level. It is currently in our living room. He sleeps the best is the napper and we use the changer for all diaper/clothing changes. It is also great to have some place to stack extra blankets and burp cloths.

    DS loves his swing (ocean wonders) and will play and sleep in it. He also loves his bouncer.

    The one thing I did waste money on was bottles. I was not thinking about the type of bottles that were compatible with my breast pump. I bought a bunch of Advent bottles not realizing they wouldn't screw on to breast pump. The idea of pumping into one type of bottle and then pouring into another just seemed like a waste to me. I assume I will use them later when I am done BFing but right now seems like a waste and takes up space.

    This too! Except I got the Playtex drop in bottle and had to buy an adapter and it works just fine!

  • image&&:
    the newborn soothing center by graco..........she screams her head off every time she is in it


    agreed - she is such an easy baby but this thing is loud and weird.  hanging on to it just incase bb #2 (not yet on the way) likes it.  would rather have my $$ back tho!  They don't even sell this anymore, it has already been upgraded to look better!  =(

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  • the papsan bouncer none of them cared for it!
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  • imagekgb1411:

    I love my boppy.  I use it all of the time.  It was especially great right after my c/s.

    The biggest waste was the bedding set.  Did anyone else get this?  It comes with a bumper and a quilt, and it looks so cute when you are pregnant.  Practically every picture of a nursery has these items.  In reality,  I have never used either.  I am hoping that we use the quilt when we transition to a toddler bed.

    Same here! My mom bought us our bedding set and it cost a small fortune. And really, all we needed was a sheet and bed skirt. I feel bad every time she comes over and sees the practically naked crib. Lesson learned for baby #2.

  • I would have to agree that the baby bedding was a major bummer! Why do they even sell crib bumpers anymore?!? And I, too, am hoping to at least start using the comforter during toddler years. It all looks so cute and put together while you're pregnant, but really all you need is a dust ruffle and a sheet... wish I knew that before I spent the money and washed everything!

     Overall though, I would have to say that the biggest waste of money was the pack n' play. We NEVER use the changing table attachment - it's more work getting it on and off than what it's worth. It's nice to have the play gym attached, but we hardly ever use that either because when we're away we're always out and about. 

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  • Thanks for posting this.  I'm due in October and need to start budgeting for items now.  This has been really helpful.  
  • Baby Bjorn- DS hates it! He loves the Moby though!
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  • Wipes warmer.  Waste of money.
  • imageghdst1:
    munchkin car bottle warmer....have NEVER used it. At least not yet.

    Oh yes, this one was a total waste. What a piece of garbage! It takes FOREVER to even warm it.. by the time it's finally done, the baby is so po'd they won't eat it anyway. Forget this. Stop at a gas station and use their microwave that people use to warm up their breakfast sandwiches, if you really need it warmed! That car warmer will make you want to kill someone.

  • Bobby was a waste for us.  But LOVE the Moby.  Sad that it didn't work for so many of you.  We used it all the time!!
  • imageGingerCupcake:

    pacifiers: we bought every kind imaginable and she won't take any of them.

    This. Even a $9  one

  • I agree with those that said all the little extras that came with the pack n play.  My son hated sleeping in the bassinet part.  The "crib" part itself was awesome though.

    Also he did not like that sleep positioner.  He likes being able to wiggle around and that made him stay in one position and made him cry.  :( 

    And lastly the baby baths.  He did not like that either.  The sink bathings worked much better, plus it's free!

  • Omg that baby picture is adorable!  :D
  • We tried to use ours but it didn't work AT ALL!  I even exchanged it and that one didn't work either.
  • The bedding set and the infant tub, I found it easier to buy just the mesh bath thing for $7 and put her in the tub with me, The one I paid over $30 for I only used for her first bath so I could record it. Plus having her in the tub with me put a lot less strain on my back bending over the tub.
  • The bedding set and the infant tub, we only used it once. I got more use out of the mesh bath thing for $7 than I did the one I paid $30 for.


  • The travel set.  Getting the infant seat in and out of the cars was a pain in the butt and he only used it for 4 months.  Plus, then I saw a crash test video and realized that those little "pod" type infant seats detach in relatively slow moving accidents.  We are going straight to the full size Britax this time, with the seat padding for a newborn.  I probably won't be doing a lot of driving the first 12 weeks anyhow.

    I did use the stroller a lot, but it was huge and heavy, hard to maneuver in stores and took up the whole trunk.

    What I really want this time is one of the Graco Pack'n'Plays with the newborn napper.  My first born slept in his swing forever because he craved that nestled feeling and he didn't get it in the big bassinet or the open crib.  That napper looks perfect for newborns.  I am more concerned with the fact that I would never use the P&P portion of the thing, so $150 is a lot to spend on basically a bassinet.  But I suppose sleep is worth that much to me ;)

  • backpack/sling. the first time I put my daughter in it to go for a walk, she spat up on my head. That was it.
  • baby carriers... DD hated both sling and the baby bjorn by the time she was a month old... 

    She liked the sling when she was newborn. 

  • imageMcDume:
    backpack/sling. the first time I put my daughter in it to go for a walk, she spat up on my head. That was it.

    Thanks for my laugh today - that mental picture was too much!  I borrowed one of these from a friend (unused) and have not used it either - I'm scared my little hair puller would make me bald. 

  • I used my comforter when my son went in to a little big boy bed..the bumpers we used till someone said they were a safety issue... and we use the quilt sometimes when we are on our floor we spread it out. the worst waste of money for us was all the teething rings we bought or were given

    My son's prefer and prefered very cold face cloths . or frozen frezzies.

  • For me the bumpo and the boppy have been life savers. My list of I wish I wouldn't have thrown out the box are:

    The bumpo tray (useless)

    sling and front carrier (grew out of too fast)

    glass bottles with the fancy rubber covers (switched to dropin's)

    bouncer (hates)

    clothes (got way too many clothes she grew so fast she never wear some of them)

    nipple cream, 8 boxes of breast milk frezzer bags, lili pads (didn't need it)

    play gym (didn't get one until 5 months and now she hates being on her back so she does not play with it)

    fancy baby timer for feedings, changes, naps, ect.

    I don't know what it is called but the thing you put in the crib that makes the baby lay on her back. First of all it was in the way and as a new born she was not going anywhere.

    Wow I wish I had all that cash right now

  • Swing - we spent $120 on one and he only used it a handful of times.  The weird thing is that he LOVES to be rocked and refuses to go to sleep otherwise.  There was only one time that I was glad I had it, now it just takes up space.

    I agree about the Bumbo, there are only 2-3 weeks where they are actually useful: before that they are too small and fall over, and then they realize they are strong and can shove themselves backwards.  I only had one because my friend gave one to another friend, who gave it to me, and now I've passed it on.

    Pants - granted my son was born in June, but we didn't put pants on him until he was 3 1/2 months old.  Such a waste of money!

  • imagebekaadams49:

    The bedding set and the infant tub, we only used it once. I got more use out of the mesh bath thing for $7 than I did the one I paid $30 for.



    First-time mom, so I'm new to all of this terminology..can you clarify "mesh bath thing?" I like cheap, useful products. :) Thanks!

  • Travel system!  My daughter outgrew the infant seat when she was 5 months old and the stroller was so big that I hated it!  I couldn't even get through store aisles at the mall.  I ended up spending a ton of money on this thing to turn around and buy a convertible car seat and reclining umbrella stroller.  For this baby we are buying my daughter a booster and putting my son in her seat rear facing.  

    My Boppy I loved!  For the first week I used it to sit on (lots of stitches)  and then used it for nursing and propping my daughter up for photos.  

    Bumbo I also loved we used it as a highchair until my daughter was 7 months old.  We took it to the beach to keep her from getting into the sand to much, and when we went to social events we would set it in the middle of a table so she could look around at all the people.      

  • bassinet- he slept in it for maybe a week, and then hated it.

    expensive pack n play- never used the changing table part, and it's now folded up taking up valuable space on my side of the bed.


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  • Has to be the swing... Logan hated it once he actually fit into. 
  • My daughter's only going on two months and right now I'd have to say that the biggest waste of money would also be the bottle warmers. I haven't used them and don't have any intention now that I know her now you know? I haven't put her crib to use yet and honestly I co-sleep a lot but when she's napping during the day on the weekends when I'm not working I'll put her in the bassinet so I can do some house work. In fact, I need to clean her room its becoming a laundry room. I'll clean her clothes and fold them and put them folded in her crib. Now she's got clothes and boxes of diapers and wipes in her room wherever because she doesn't use her room yet. Definitely the bottle warmers though.
  • This was useful.  Thank you!!
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  • Bottle warmer - it was a gift, I took it back b/c I BF and it was never even opened.

    Wipes warmer - used it only for a couple months w #1, not at all for #2.

    Crib set- same as others. At least we didn't spend too much.

    Funny about all the moby comments - I loved mine w/ both kids! We didn't use the bumbo all that much, but it was good b/c for both my kids, they were "tall" enough for our high chair, so in the beginning, I fed them in the bumbo.


  • surprisingly the monitor, he's turning 8 months old next week and I never leave him out of sight so there's no need for the monitor Smile
  • Eddie bower baby carrier- I liked it and so did my son but unfortunatly it gave me migraines/headaches due to the strain on my back. I just don't think I was ment to use one, thankfully I can bring it back.

    Electric breast pump-nursing pads-milk storage- I ended up not being able to produce much breast milk so I'm formula feeding now. I was able to bring back the milk storage bags and nursing pads but I opened the pump and can not return it. 150 I wastedon the pump, I was really upset about that one. The pump was great I just wasn't producing sadly.

    Newborn clothing- LO was 8lbs 8oz when he was born... two weeks early I might add. I think he wore a handful of the clothes for the first week, but now he is wearing 0-3 clothes. Thankfully I didn't waste my money on the clothes they were gifts, but I wish People left tags of gave gift recipes so I could return and not have a grocery bag full of clothes I can't use.

    I haven't used a lot of the stuff that was given as gifts yet, but the things I use the most and was totally worth it would be his Lamb swing for naps, the pack n play were he sleeps, Tommee Tippee bottles for feeding, Arm n hammer diaper pail for smells, and his Itzbeen timer to keep track of feedings and diaper changes. These are a few of our favorite things. :)


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