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Hardly gaining any weight..

Morning girls,

I am 16 weeks pregnant and I have only gained 2 lbs the whole time. The book I read says I should have gained 5-10 lbs already. I am worried, is this ok or normal? The baby is doing fine, I have another appt next week. I am just wondering how much weight has everyone or did everyone gain by there 16th week? Thanks so much!

Re: Hardly gaining any weight..

  • Unless the doctor tells you to worry about it--Don't.  I only gained 15lbs my entire pregnancy and I gave birth to a healthy 8lb 15oz baby.  Also, if you've been sick, that may affect your weight too.  Some people just don't gain a lot.
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  • I lost a lot of weight during my first trimester.  I gained it back of course during my second but I think it's common to have a slow start.  Plus I think the books really generalize things and everybody is different.  I would let your doctor know but I'm sure it's fine.
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  • I gained 2 lbs by 20 wks this time, last time it was 8 lbs by 20 wks. Each time is different, and each person is different. I was also sick longer this time. You are fine. Ask your doc if you are concerned. =)
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  • no worries :)  everyone is different.  My first one I gained exactly as the book says.  This one, I'm 18 weeks like you and i've only gained 7lbs.  Dr. says all is well and I'm feeling kicking like crazy now :) 
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