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Medication Disposal

I know there was a post recently about what you're supposed to do with left over medication but can't remember what the responses were and can't find the post.

Does anyone have this informaiton? I have a co-worker that has a lot of leftover medication and medical supplies that her ex husband used when recovering from being severely burned.

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Re: Medication Disposal

  • I could be wrong, but it seems to me that pharmacies would take them.  I guess you could just call and ask.  If they didn't take it, surely they would be able to help!
  • Here is what I found:

    Also, I just spoke with my husband, who works with waste and wastewater, and he was saying that it's definitely not a good idea to flush medications because we aren't currently doing anything to remove the medication from the water system. He said he wasn't sure of any pharmacies that will take back medication, but that he thought the best option was to throw it away, because landfills are supposed to be lined to prevent the waste from seeping into the ground nearby. HTH!

  • See, in Sweden, you take the medicine back to the pharmacy. Here they laugh at you.

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  • Different states have different regulations, but most often pharmacies are not allowed (by law) to take back patients' medications. 

    There are initiatives in various states supported by public health, the pharmacy community, environmental groups, and drug diversion agencies to help bring an answer to this increasingly popular question.  

    In Iowa, a statewide initiative was launched in 2009.  Even if you don't live in Iowa, you may find the information useful 

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