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Team Green Baby Shower

We are team green and are planning on having our shower after LO is here, but I keep reading posts about baby showers and I kind of want to have it before LO comes. I'm just wondering what you other team green mommas are doing?

Re: Team Green Baby Shower

  • We're having a shower before the baby.  I'm kind of excited about that because I think people will actually look at my registry!  :)
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  • Why wouldn't you have one before?

    My mom is working on mine now and we are helping her a little bit with the planning.
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  • We had two showers before the DD came (we were team green) and it was awesome! Everyone bought off of our registry. We got almost everything that we "needed" instead of pink or blue clothes. :)
  • I am also team green and having one before the baby.  I would like to have gender neutral items. Why don't you want one before the baby?


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  • The shower is planned for when I am 35 weeks. I'm hope LO isn't here yet!

    Actually, part of the reason we didn't want to find out is that we didn't want the influx of gender specific stuff to start before the poor kid even gets here! And we'd buy gender neutral gear anyways since there may be another child in the future.

    As far as what I know of the plans for the shower, there won't be a lot of baby-ish decorations anyways. The hosts are doing it at a restaurant, and think they are using potted bulbs (tulips or such) as centerpieces and fancy cookies as favors.

  • I just figured I should do it after since we didn't know the gender. But I don't really need clothes anyway. I have tons of people that are going to give me clothes for either gender. I guess it's a better idea to have it before, so I can get things off my registry.
  • We're having ours before since we need pretty much all of the basics. Plus I want to have everything ready before baby arrives!
  • We are having a shower when I'm 31w pregnant.

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  • imagerynhales:
    We had two showers before the DD came (we were team green) and it was awesome! Everyone bought off of our registry. We got almost everything that we "needed" instead of pink or blue clothes. :)

    This!  One of the best reasons to go Team Green.  I haven't actually had my shower yet but my sisters/friends who were Team Green said this is true. 

  • I'm having my shower at 29 weeks...I registered for some white onesies and some green/yellow sleep n'plays. Other than that, it's all stuff I need on my registry -- hopefully people will stick to that so I'll be all set for when LO arrives!

    PS: A friend of mine just had a girl shower and people bought tons of pink stuff (instead of going by the registry). She ended up having to go buy out her entire registry afterwards and returned a lot of the clothes...just a thought!

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  • There is plenty of neutral clothing that people could get. I have had a lot of grumbling about it, but I"m totally set on having my shower and not finding out the sex ;)

    I do think it's a good idea to put some gender neutral clothing/decor/etc on the registry to give people an idea of what style/colors work. You'd be surprised how many people forget about yellow, green, orange, red, brown

  • I was Team Green with #1 and we had our baby shower before the baby arrived. Other than some gender neutral sheets/blankets/towels, we didn't register for any clothing, most people bought us the stuff off our registry plus some gender neutral outfits as well. No one seemed to have a hard time getting gifts because they didn't know the sex. We did get a lot of pink/girl outfits as "welcome baby" gifts when people came to visit either in the hospital or after we came home.
  • We are definitely having ours before. I've heard when you're Team Green, people tend to get you more necessary items instead of clothes and toys. Also, they will be more prompted to get you things off your registry for things you will need for future children :)
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