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I don't know anyone pregnant!

It's crazy and scary to be at this sorta thing virtually alone. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or just wanted to hang out? Sad to say but all my friends it really doesn't bother that I don't party or hang out with them on weekends and stuff. I think I need my priorities straight and steering away from that lifestyle is best for me and my baby.

I know this is weird (trust me it's super weird for me hah) but I'm pretty cool I think and was just wondering if anyone around my age wanted to do something girly like baby shop or catch lunch sometime. Being pregnant at 20 is really hard when you don't know anyone around you similar and your mom lives over an hour away. So, if it sounds interesting let me know :]

Re: I don't know anyone pregnant!

  • Hey! I am also 20 and pregnant, I live in fayetteville, ar about two hours east of you. I don't know anyone my age pregnant either and it would be nice to have some friends my age with the same future plans.?
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