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Does ICSI = more girls?

Or did I make that up in my head??? I don't know why I have that idea in my head, and I am not finding real data to support this...

anyone know? ICSI would not cost us extra, and although sperm was never our issues, nor was fert, however, if ICSI can increase the chance of a baby sister.....


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Re: Does ICSI = more girls?

  • I still think ICSI and 5 day transfers get more boys.

    If the embryologist can tell what a girl sperm looks like and select those, maybe that will work.

    I think that boy sperm are faster and girls stick around longer, in general.


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  • I think I have heard something along those lines but it is not a big difference. We did ICSI and have a boy.
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  • Never heard that.  We did ICSI and have a boy.
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  • I haven't seen any stats but we did ICSI and we are expecting a boy...
  • I agree with pp that I think ICSI might mean more girls but just barely. We did ICSI and have a boy. A friend of ours did not ICSI and has a girl
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  • G is an ICSI'd 3dt boy. If the embie they put in me (yesterday) takes, we'll need to wait 18w to find out :)

    Wasn't there a poll on this a few months back? If the search functionality works for ya, and you're able to find it, lemme know.

  • I always heard that IVF w/o ISCI = more boys because the male sperm swim faster than female but I haven't heard any gender stats for IVF w/ ICSI

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  • ICSI + 3dt = a boy for us!
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  • Not sure......we did do ICSI and we had 4 frozen embies - there was one boy and 3 girls. We transferred a boy and girl and the boy stuck. 5dt's do equal more boys (we did a 5dt)........


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  • We did ICSI with a 5dt and have a boy
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  • well... we did ICSI with the cycle that got us Henry :)
  • ok, as my brain wakes up, I remember why I think this...

    No idea where this thought came from...a pp's comments jogged my memory,  but yes, I remember that boy sperm tend to swim faster and therefore girls are 'easier' for the embryologist to 'catch' and therefore inject...  hence ICSI for non-MFI can mean more girls... I will ask Dr G, but I think this makes some theoretical sense... 

    Ava... if i find that post, I will link it!


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  • We did ICSI and 5dt and have girls.
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  • imageTakYelgif:
    ICSI + 3dt = a boy for us!

    Ditto for us!

  • Robin,

    We did ICSI and 3dt and got a girl. 

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  • We're pretty sure we're having a girl...


    I thought I'd heard it got you more boys, though. Although it's probably so close it's not statistically significant.


  • I did ICSI with a 5 day transfer and am having 2 girls.
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  • I don't know but we did ICSI with a 5 day transfer and we have a beautiful little girl :)  My friend did ICSI with 5 day transfer and she has a boy so who really knows?

  • Since we did PGD the first time, I know that 9/10 embies were girls. And, of course, we ended up with two girls the second time :)

    Dang it! I'd love to have a boy, but I think we're doing ICSI. Oh well, I don't really care much anyway. It'll just be a whole lotta girls in this house if we have 1 or 2 more lol.

  • Boy for us!
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  • We did 5dt with ICSI and got one of each!
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  • ICSI, 5dt = Girl for us but I swear I thought the stats were ICSI = more boys.  

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  • We did ICSI and 3dt and I have a boy.
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