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feasible to work f/t with 2 under1? (long)

Im really having an issue on what to do after #2 comes, and I figured this is the best board to ask. I trying to decide..or rather convince DH on why it would be better for my sanity and financially for me to stay at home. here are some facts:

i did the math, I will be ONLY depositing $20/day, since the rest will go to babysitting and gas to and from work.

i would lose benefits.

currently i work 8-7, getting home anywhere from 6:30 to 9 pm, 4-5 days a week. DH is a fireman so hes home MAYBE 2 or 3 days a week.

(typing one handed, sry) the way i think about it, is ill get home at 7 or 8ish every night, and have to immediatly feed, change bathe 2 babies, and somehow find time to bathe/feed/rest myself and take care of 2 dogs.i figured i can find hlth ins on the internet for emergenies and dentist stuff (putting me on DHs is out of the question, ridiculous cost).

im currently brainstorming ideas to make a little money while at home, without having to get a sitter.

ANY help is greatly appreciated!! tia!! 

is it obvious which one i want to do?? lol...i dont know if i can mentally handle working f/t with 2 babies. i was 

Re: feasible to work f/t with 2 under1? (long)

  • Is working PT so you can keep your insurance an option?  To me, even if you deposit nothing at the end of the day but you provide the family benefits, that is worth working.  But, every family is different...
  • no p/t benefits. LO is covered by DH. i think im more concerned about dying from exhaustion and malnutrition from having no time to take care of myself
  • Since your husband only works 2-3 days a week can't he pitch in more on his days off? Why should you have to come home and give 2 babies a bath? I think if it's possible to get a part time job with some benefits that could be a great compromise for the both of you...
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  • How do you handle childcare now if you are working until 8pm, and your DH isn't home?  Do you have a nanny?  Could she feed your children dinner? 

  • mng: hes only home 2  days a week, works alllll the time. 

    kgb1411: we have a babysitter now that watches DD#1. Im jsut worried about cost of 2 kiddos with the babysitter, vs the very little amount of money I bring home.

    Ive been thinking about getting benefits, or hlth ins. through a company from the internet, for emergencies and dentistry, since I DO NOT plan on having any kids after these anytime soon, so it would basically be yrly visits, hopefully that would be it. 

    I suppose the babysitter could take care of feedings everynight and bathing, but I feel like thats kind of an important part of being a mom I would be missing out on or Im being silly and making up excuses.

    I guess I have already decided what I WANT to do (if you couldnt tell, LOL), I am just looking to see what you guys have done, and to see if I would in fact be crazy to think I will remain sane and happy only seeing the babies for an hour or 2 at night, and spending my 2 days off doing everything else around the house I wouldnt otherwise have time for (laundry, dishes, grocery shopping)

  • We do get pretty good healthcare with my DH's job (helps compensate for a very modest salary ;)). I think this is a VERY personal decision; if you feel like you would be more sane as a SAHM that first year and you can swing it financially and with benefits, then go for it. Personally, I would get frustrated working long hours and missing so much time with my LOs if almost all my pay were going to childcare. Totally not worth it for me, IF I could get health insurance elsewhere. But like I said, it's a very personal decision.
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  • Wow. When do you find time for the babies or yourself? I give you alot of credit. I worked 2 days and felt overwhelmed and missed my son so I decided to stay home for a few years. It would be ideal if you worked part time. The babies need their mommy. I would really try to work something out where you are home more.
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  • This is very much a personal decision, but I know how stressed I can get working and taking care of DS and running the household.  I make a very good salary so the financials even out the stress, but if I didn't make what I do, being away from DS and the mental strain would SO not be worth it.  Good luck- I know it's tough!
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  • thanks ladies!! i really appreciate the input.ill use this as "ammo" to convince DH, lol.

    thank you again!!! 

  • I'd really really look into the insurance BEFORE you make a decision. It may seem easy to get, but it's not always the case. I had to buy my own for awhile after college, and because I had asthma as a child it was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ even though I haven't had an attack in years.
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  • It is quite obvious that you would prefer to sah.    But to be clear, what do you mean by benefits.  Are we talking health insurance and 401K.  Does your husband have a retirement account?  How will it affect your long term goals to lose contributions to your 401K.  I also agree that you need to make sure that insurance costs won't effect your net take home that your husband is currently getting.  ie - adding you and the LO to his policy will increase his costs and reduce your only income.

    That said - I have 2U1 and work full time.  I also carry our insurance and contribute to a 401K.  I work long hours and travel frequently.  So, yes it is doable.  I actually prefer to work.  I enjoy getting my time out of the house each day.  Interacting with adults, etc.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Caring for 2 kids under 1 is A LOT of work.  So, don't dilude yourself into thinking that you will have a relaxing life of leisure as a sahm.  I am exhausted after the weekends and on Monday morning, I am thrilled to be at my desk, by myself, at work. 

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