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2nd Trimester

The "golden" period of pregnancy

I think it might be over for me. I've felt good, I mean really good, for about the past 10 weeks or so. Lots of energy, few symptons, moderate appetite. All of a sudden in the past week it seems like I've developed every unsavory pregnancy sympton there is. I've had heartburn for about 4 days now, I've had to take a nap twice in the past few days, my back hurts, I'm ferociously hungry, I sniss regularly, and I can't get comfortable when I sleep. I'm afraid things are just going to go downhill from here... :(
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Re: The "golden" period of pregnancy

  • All my symptoms have gotten worse.. I heard it gets better though. I just don't think that will happen for me.
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  • Heart burn is horrid when I do get it. If only I could figure out how to shave my legs and vag and get comfy when I sleep. Man, I'd be set!
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  • Oh no don't say that!!! It's only 1 more week till I reach where you are. I'm not ready for it to go downhill yet!

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  • I was lucky to never get morning sickness, but I never got my energy back either. Lately it's just been sleeping, eating, back pain, rolling around at night trying to get comfortable, and sitting around being worthless while DH takes care of everything. I wish my "nesting" would kick in already. There's so much we need to do!
  • Lol I hear you on this one!  The past week for me has included back pain and feeling like my skin is getting tighter.  I also had no symptoms in my pregnancy until the heartburn that started around 21 weeks.
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  • yup, mine just hit a few days ago too. horrible. i just want to eat and sleep.
  • I finally snissed. DH thought it was hilarious, which was not the reaction I was of course I busted out laughing. And there we were: DH and I, sniss pants, cracking up over yet another ridiculous pregnancy thing that I get to deal with.
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