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BFers - what is your toddler doing

when it's time for baby to eat?  how do you distract them or get them interested in something long enough to nurse 8947554 times a day?

Re: BFers - what is your toddler doing

  • When I just had 2 kids, DD#1 would sit next to me and I would read stories to her while I was nursing DD#2. When I had DS, DD#1 and DD#2 would play together while I nursed.
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  • Sometimes I nurse in DD#1's room while she plays; other times I'll nurse DD#2 on the couch while DD#1 watches a cartoon or Disney movie.
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  • We have our entire downstairs completely baby proofed. I could probably take a three hour nap without him getting into anything dangerous. I sit on the couch and drag the coffee table up against it to keep Leo from trying to attack Charlie while my hands aren't free (which he does with alarming frequency). He just plays with his toys.

    It was a lot harder in the beginning when I was nursing 24/7. Now it's only like 10-15 min every 2-3 hrs so, not so bad. 

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  • There is an embarrassing amount of television watching going on in our house.

    It's temporary, though... until DS gets halfway decent at nursing and I don't have to keep my eyes on him the whole time...

    Eventually, we'll go to books or other quiet activities when I can have a hand (or at least an eye) free.

  • I FF but I usually give ds #2 a bottle in ds #1's room.. so I can keep him contained and he can play with his toys. 
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  • We have a little touch leap pad and a tag Jr. that only come out for her to play with if i'm BFing. She pretty much stays out of trouble on her own though. It's not like you can't get up and move around. I play ball with her or get up to get her things while I'm BFing quite a bit.
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  • Right now we have a way too big amount of TV watching going on.  When I sit down to nurse I have a basket that sits next to me with books, puzzles and a few other little toys in it that only come out while nursing.  Some days he is completely content to play in the playroom adjacent to the living room, some days he wants to read books and do puzzles with my free hand and some days he watches TV.  I use the TV as a last resort, DS1 has a cold right now and he is grumpy, so we have had more TV than usual.  I figure I have to do what I have to do though.
  • depending on the time of the day...usually she plays or I'll read her books.  In the evening when bed time is approaching and she gets a little cranky we watch Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba.
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