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How many bottles do I need?

I am formula feeding.  My sister is giving me all of the bottles she has (mainly Dr. Brown's)- she breast fed exclusively so I'm not sure how many bottles?

How many do I need to have on hand, to send to daycare?  Do I need large and small sizes? 

What about nipple sizes?  She told me to regiser for/buy all new nipples, that I'd need more sizes 2-3.



Re: How many bottles do I need?

  • My son is FF but does not go to day care. We use Dr. Brown's mainly and have 7 8oz bottles and then 2 Born Free 8oz bottles. It's plenty for me, I wash bottles once a day. He is almost 5 months old and I'm still using Sz 1 nipples and I don't see us switching anytime in the near future.

    We also had 8 4oz bottles that I used up until he started taking more than 4oz. Looking back I guess those weren't really needed I could have used the 8oz bottles and only put 4oz in there but they are almost skinnier and they were easier to handle when he was really tiny. 

    I would buy new Sz 1 nipples for the bottles she gives you but I don' know that registering or buy Sz 2 and 3 are needed. 

  • I could have written LLG's post. I started off breastfeeding and then went all formula. We started with the 4oz bottles (Dr. Browns) and that was a waste of money. Skip straight to the 8oz. We used 6 in rotation. Now we are down to 4 in rotation. I started with premie nipples beacause DD had a weak suck (hence the BF issues). We moved up to 1 then to 2. They come with 1 standard, so you can experiement with the other flow levels, you will just need 1 nipple for each bottle.  I also tried Playtex drop in's and did not care for them at all. I can say at almost a year of hand washing Dr. Brown bottles I will be SO happy next month to be done but they were no worse to clean than the drop in type and were SO much better, no gas issues at all.

    Another quick tip for FF is to add your gas drops into the water in the bottle before you put in the formula and mix it, you will not have any bubbles that way. I also suggest getting a Munchkin formula mixer, that will make your life SO MUCH EASIER!!!!

    ETA: I SAHM so I don't know about daycare. Probably will send what your LO eats at home plus one extra just in case.




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  • Oh I also highly recommned the Dr. Brown's formula pitcher (even if you don't use Dr. Brown's bottles) you can make up to 40oz of formula at a time which is fantastic!
  • We have 13 Avent bottles - 10 9-oz and 3 4-oz. 

    Right now we send 6 to my parents for daycare, so that leaves us 7 at home & it's perfect.

    You will probably need newborn nipples for awhile (he used them for about 2 months).  We're still on Level 2 nipples that came with the bottles.

  • oh, & ditto Dbert on the Munchkin formula dispensers.  They are AWESOME.

    When he was still waking at night, we would fill bottles with the amt of water needed & sit them on the dresser, then keep a dispenser with the measured formula.  All I had to do was unscrew the bottle, dump in the formula, shake n' serve.  So much easier at 3am than warming up a bottle, or measuring out water & powder.

     and, of course, this is the best way to go out & still feed.

    & that way, it's easy for your kid to get used to room-temp bottles.  I love that Harrison doesn't have to have a warmed bottle - makes it so easy to just shake & serve wherever we go.

  • I was talking about this: Munchkin Formula Mixer. it is awesome. Or was until it died, but we are so close to not needing bottles we didn't get another.



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  • lmao, obviously I have reading comprehension problems today.

    mixer - check

    dispensers - check 

  • So glad you posted this...  I needed this information as well!
  • We have about 12 8 oz, and about 6 4 oz.. we started out with the 4 oz at daycare, and sent one more bottle than she should actually need (in case she was extra hungry, or some got spilled, etc). This was our daycare's policy.

    Also, people were talking about pitchers/mixers.. We used a wide mouth Nalgene bottle to mix our formula. It was nice because the measurements were right on the side of the bottle. It was easy to just add the water, then the powder, screw the lid on, and shake it up. :-)

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