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What were your NICU rules?

Only 2 people (excluding DS's docs and nurses) were allowed at baby's bedside. 

Only 2 non-parent visitors were allowed per day, with a total of 2 visits each per day, and had to be accompanied by a parent. - so if grandparents came to visit one day, they had to rotate who could come in with either DH or myself, and then had to trade off.  Each grandparent could only go in twice per day. - make sense?

These were not adjusted for H1N1.  These are the same rules year round.

That's maybe why I'm so aghast by what I saw on the special.


Re: What were your NICU rules?

  • Only 2 people were allowed at the baby's bedside at ours too. They had to be with a parent at all times.
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  • I think we could have 2 guests accompanied by a parent.  I don't think our NICU was too strict, though.  The baby next to us had at least 5 people bedside on discharge day.
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    Only 2 people were allowed at the baby's bedside at ours too. They had to be with a parent at all times.


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  • We could have three people at the bedside but one had to be a parent.  There were no other restrictions (aside from the regular times that the unit closed to ALL visitors) on who could come in.  But, that all changed in mid-August and the entire unit closed to ALL visitors except for parents because of flu season.
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  • 2 visitors at a time, one of whom had to be a parent. No children under 2.
  • 3 people, 1 was a parent, no kids except siblings...no one with any illness, scrub to the elbows.  Believe it or not...some parents/visitors didn't even wash in
  • Ours was similar.  2 people at the bedside at a time.  We could have 4 other visitors, grandparents.  They have to be on the list. 
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  • image clyoungsey:
    3 people, 1 was a parent, no kids except siblings...no one with any illness, scrub to the elbows.  Believe it or not...some parents/visitors didn't even wash in

    I failed to mention these above, but those applied in our NICU as well.  3 minute scrub to elbows, and definitely no illnesses!

    The nurses' station and sink were at the entrance.... no one could have made it past without scrubbing.

    I'm Surprise that so many NICUs allow children at all... 

  • Only 2 visitors besides the parents were allowed at a time. We had a list that we could put people on, and those people were allowed to visit without the parents. 
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  • 2 people at bedside one needed to be a parent.  No visitors under 12 unless a sibling.  The siblings had to be screened for health by a nurse.  We had to  use purell to go in and at bedside before touching the baby.  Once we were intermediate we sometimes were allowed to have more people back but only if the "right" nurses were on and it was quiet in the unit.  The nurses really liked us (we were not pitas and we brought baked goods) so we got some special treatment though I think.
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  • Only 3 people at DD's bedside at a time (but they let us have 4 a few times). Parents and grandparents could come 24/7. Anyone else could come between 8a-8p and had to be accompanied by at least 1 parent.

    Also, anything brought into the NICU had to be sterilized. ?

  • ours was 2 visitors at the bedside- but they had exceptions for siblings. i would assume this is a special situation- and that the hospital is probably going to be getting a lot of good press from the show as well. 

    everyone had to scrub in too. but we could have as many per day as we wanted. (ie when the grandparents were visiting we all jsut took turns going in.) 

  • due to H1N1, currently our NICU only allows the parents, no other visitors.  My poor mom is devastated, as she has been at my house since December while I was on bedrest and was so excited to meet my baby girl, but has yet to see her, besides me holding her up to a window. 

    And we also have to scrub up right when we enter.

  • Oh, my hospital also has a "no one under 18" policy. I can't remember what their sibling policy was. I believe it had to be scheduled and time restricted.
  • 2 extra visitors allowed at once - they had to be with the parents. Very strict!
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  • Yeah, even my DH said 'that would not fly out our NICU'...

    Only 2 people at a time and 1 parent had to be there with any non parent visitor unless you were on a special list (only 4 people could be on the list).  Plus, you had to wash your hands for 3 minutes prior to entering and you had to wear a protective hospital coat/scrubs EVERY time....

    Also, no rings, watches or bracelets were allowed...all had to be removed, and no artificial nails. Finally, no children under the age of 12 were allowed in the NICU except on Saturdays for siblings at designated hours and they still had to wear a mask in order to be allowed in to visit.

    Our NICU was very strict and very adamant about their rules...I was very pleased with them.  And if they smelled smoke on you, they kicked you out- no questions asked.

    I think the Duggar situation might have been b/c it was a tv special, but I still was shocked that they allowed all of those small children in there.

  • Only 2 people allowed at bedside. And only grandparents were allowed to visit baby. The second rule was made because of the H1N1 scare in October.



  • Max 2 people at bedside with one needing to be a parent.  No visitors under 12 unless a sibling.  No rings with stones, plain wedding rings (like men) were ok.  3 minute scrub in and purell up before and after touching baby and anything else.  No cough, fever, sore throat within the last 24 hours.  At the start of flu season they started to require everyone to sign in and screened for signs of illness and everyone had to wear a sticker and stopped permitting any children under 12 (including siblings).  A few weeks later, they went into H1N1 lock-down and stopped permitting any visitors except parents and grandparents.
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