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?'s to ask Preschool

I can't believe I'm already looking into this!  I'm not sure if I want DD to start this fall in the 1-year toddler program, but just in case, I'm starting to visit schools in our area.  I'm a big researcher (lol!) so even if we don't start this fall, we'll definitely start next fall in the 2-year program.  Since she's not in daycare, I think it might be nice to have her go 1-2 mornings a week to socialize (and give momma a break!)  Although, registration and lotteries already started at some, and I know some of the toddler programs are already on waitlists (gotta love our area!) so we might not get into any 1-year programs anyways.  But it never hurts to research and know which programs we like for the upcoming years. 

So... do you have a list of questions to ask each school?  I googled and got some questions, but just curious if you had any 'must-ask' questions.  There seem to be several good programs at churches in our area, and just want to be sure I'm not overlooking very important things to ask.

Or, if you are in the Triangle and know of highly-recommended programs, I'd be up for recommendations as well. =)  Thanks!

Re: ?'s to ask Preschool

  • I've heard good things about Asbury (Methodist?) on Creedmoor and Hayes Barton Methodist on Fairview.  I know a lot of the preschools start more like 2 y.o.
  • Do you know anyone that has a preschool they can recommend to you? That is how I found mine, from referrals. I went to visit and really liked the director. I did not ask many questions because it came highly recommended and it just "felt" right, if that makes sense. It is a church preschool, which is something I really wanted. Best of luck, hope you find a place you love!
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