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1 tooth procedure down...

Dentist told me absolutely no TTC until all 3 dental procedures are completed. So 1 down (last Friday) and 2 more in the next 3-4 weeks. That's what I get for putting them off!

TTC our 1st LO since September 2009
History of ENDO and ovarian cysts, currently have 1 Myoma on left ovary - but it's shrinking, yea! Clomid 100mg since Jan 2011, trigger 4/5, 1st IUI 4/7, 1 mature follie, progesterone = BFN
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IUI#2 on Mother's Day 5/8, no trigger, 2 mature follies, progesterone = BFN
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Re: 1 tooth procedure down...

  • I supposed it's better than being a snaggle-toothed mommy...
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  • image kdodge423:

    image qtsreign:
    I supposed it's better than being a snaggle-toothed mommy...

    Having an unfilled cavity =/= snaggletooth.


    I know, I know. I use the term very loosely.

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  • you can and SHOULD get cavities filled, whether ttc or even pregnant. 

  • I did the "put it off so we can TTC sooner" until all of the reading I did scared me  $hitless about pregnancy gingivitis. I set my appointment and am glad I did. Now its all out of the way and all I have to do is finish paying the bills.

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