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Peaches & Fireworks (tutu website)

I was going to share the site I used to make the tutu but you said you were going to make a Clemson one and since I graduated from FSU I decided I couldn't share.  J/K!!  Here is the site: It is super easy!  I used a plastic platter instead of the chair they show b/c the tutu is so small. 


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Re: Peaches & Fireworks (tutu website)

  • Haha, you are funny!  Thanks for sharing!!  I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and they have the perfect orange and purple tulle that has a little sparkle in it!  Yeah I'm a little confused about the size because obviously I don't have a baby to measure yet, hehe!  I just ordered one through etsy so I'm going to see how that one was made and sorta mimic that.

  • You are welcome!  Are you making it for her as a newborn?  You could always measure a 0-3 month outfit waist.  It is so easy.  All you do is tie the tulle to the elastic. 
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  • Actually I'll want her to wear it to football games so maybe more like 6-9 months.  DH and I will probably take her to a game later in the year when it isn't so hot.  I can just see her wearing some cute little blue jeans with a tutu over it and a Clemson tiger paw onesie -oh and of course her flower headband!  :o)   Good idea to measure the outfit though, I"ll do that!

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