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Quick Roll Call

Who is here and what are your plans for tomorrow?
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Re: Quick Roll Call

  • I'm here but not for too much longer.

    Tomorrow I'm going to try to brave the shitty roads and go to work.  Since school is canceled I can make extra money if I can get over there.

  • Yo.

    No plans as of yet. 

  • I'm here!

    Tomorrow is a 12 hour day at work.  But, DH will be home from a 6 day work trip, so my night looks promising!

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  • Got a baseline in the AM then I have no idea. There are clothes that need to be put away so I will pry come home and take a nap and then put them away before DW gets home. O I might have to pick up sperm too.
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  • I'm in and out

    Tomorrow Im cleaning then watching large amounts of Cowboy Bebop w/ one of my oldest and bestest friends and making stir fry for dinner. I'm so excited



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  • I am here! No big plans for tomorrow. Might make some Corn and Crab Chowder...
  • Here.  I'm taking my grandma for a post op appointment in the morning.  I'll be spending most of the day cleaning her house and then work in the evening.
  • In and out. Work in the AM. Wheee.
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