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The Enrichment Center @ Bright Horizons RTP

Just a quick question.  I just took a teaching job, and the little boy I nanny for is going into daycare here. I love him like he is my own, and his mom isn't 100% on this place.  It seems like an okay place, but  when we were there Friday it was one of the teachers last day and she started talking about it not being that great (which she definitely shouldn't have been saying because she isn't going to work at another of their centers).  Anyone have any good, bad, or ugly about it?


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Re: The Enrichment Center @ Bright Horizons RTP

  • I have used them for backup care for 3 days.  Obviously that isn't enough time to know all  the ins and outs but I really didn't have any complaints.  I thought the center could have been cleaner.  It wasn't dirty by any stretch, but my current center is cleaner.  I have friends that use TEC and love it.
  • We used to go to a different Bright Horizons, and one of the other moms was on the waiting list for the BH at RTP.  She was really happy when she finally got her son in---

    We did not really care for our BH in Cary, but each DC can be very different depending on teachers, etc.

    We switched to Kids r Kids and could not be happier.


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