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The funniest thing I found while cleaning... a hard-shell blue ice container that CF thawed out, busted open at the seal (making sure it was re-sealable), and dumped all the "blue ice" stuff out of it and cleaned it all out.  We used to use it for sneaking booze into concerts.  It fit a whole bottle of Stoli Raspberry... we used to pack up cups, ice, sliced limes, and tonic water and tell the peeps who checked our cooler we were in recovery.

Darn it, we used to be cool.  <3

I saved it so we can use it again in our 50's.   Devil

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Re: The funniest thing I found while cleaning...

  • LOL!!! That's fantastic!!
    - Rene
  • You rock!!!
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  • thats classic!

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  • You might be my booze-smuggling HERO!
  • We sneak alcohol on our cruises everytime.  We use these:

    because they have no metal, so they don't show up on the metal detectors they put your bags through when you get on the ship!

    I like your idea for local "alcohol smuggling" because who would question an ice pack?  Awesome!

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  • Too funny! When we were unpacking I found a giant sleeve of jello shot cups.  I used to be famous among my friends for them, brought them everywhere - parties, tubing, football games, even christenings.  Haven't made them in ages, though.  I'm afraid Miss B would get a hold of them and I'd get a visit from CPS.

    I used to be cool, too...sigh.

  • nice! thats ok, frank and i found out how old we really are this weekend. we went to half moon bay, and stayed in the hotel most of the time. Watching TV uninterrupted. LOL
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