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Prayer request - friends are having their baby at 25 weeks

DH's best friend just called.  His wife is 25 weeks pregnant and has developed preeclampsia.  They have her in the hospital and are trying to hold off delivery as long as possible, but looks like their son will be born before this week is over.  They're at MUSC in Charleston, SC.  Need lots of prayers for the little baby and mama, thanks.

Re: Prayer request - friends are having their baby at 25 weeks

  • I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Hey girl!  Look how big your little one is, oh my gosh!  I hope you are doing well!

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  • Will be thinking of them.  My niece was born at 26 or 27 weeks (can't remember) and she is a perfectly fine 11 year old today.  Hope their baby is ok!
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    Thoughts and prayers going out to them--so scary.
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  • Wow. I'm just past 25 weeks and cant imagine having the little one right now. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.
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  • A mutual friend just got back from the hospital and gave me an update.  Said that yesterday Beth was feeling really crappy, was super swollen, and was throwing up.  Her mom came over to take her BP and it was really really high.  They took her to their normal hospital and they took her via ambulance to MUSC.  If she hadn't gone, she could have had a heart attack or stroke :o(  They are giving her steroids so Weston can grow.  They're going to try and make it to Wednesday to do the c-section.  If she had him last night, his chance of survival would have been 25%.  If she can hold off til Wednesday, it'll be more like 90%.  She's in really good hands - MUSC's hospital is really good and their NICU is great.  They have already met with the premie specialists and expect he'll be in the hospital through May.  

    Just please continue to pray and send good thoughts their way!  I want to send them something, but she can't really eat or drink until he is born and she literally can't even get out of bed to pee - she has a cathedar in now.  I may just do flowers and a card and then later do something more. 

  • I'll keep them in my prayers.  MUSC is a great hospital though.  One of my dear friends has a daughter w/ a heart condition and they travel from Augusta to MUSC for their heart specialist and they have been very pleased with doctors, nurses and staff at MUSC.
  • Hi! We're doing fine and yes...Sean is growing like a weed. I'm so happy you're going to be a mom! How are you feeling?

    The steriod shots will do wonderful things for lung development. Sean had two rounds of them (which sounds like what they've giving him since they're trying to wait until Wednesday). Hope things go well for them!

  • T&P to your friends.  How scary. : (



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  • Oh how scary.  Many prayers for your friends.
  • Sending thoughts and prayers to the entire family!
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  • Sending thoughts and prayers their way! That is great she is able to get the steroid shots. They were great for my twins (31 weekers). There is so much they can do with preemies now!! One thing that I loved getting from friends was a little shoulder bag filled with stuff to take to the hospital with me when visiting the twins in the NICU. It had a cute notepad to journal in, a pen, a children's book to read to them, hand sanitizer, chapstick, hand lotion,a couple magazines, a small lovie for their NICU crib and a disposable camera. It was a great go-to grab bag to take with me. :) Keep us posted!

  • Beth had a good night last night and was able to get some sleep. Her BP has remained stable and baby weston is still healthy. They took her off magnesium today so she can finally have something to eat. They also moved her to a new room. So far today is a good day.

  • That's great news!
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