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New here.... a little late = )

Hello!  I was on the pregnancy boards, mostly lurking up until I had my son and haven't really been on since.

DS was born at 34 wks, 6 days for no good reason, lol, guess he was just impatient = )  My water broke at home and that was that...

He was 5lbs 11 oz, so pretty good size, but still had to spend 12 days in NICU learning how to suck, swallow and breathe.  The worst 12 days of my life, but he is healthy now....well, other than this nasty cold we are both trying to kick.  

Anyways, looking forward to all the new info and people on this board.  Nice to have others to talk to that have been or are in the same situation, hopefully I can be of some help to someone = )

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