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What Holly learned on her snow day.

Check me out...

She literally went from 3-4 wobbly steps to this in about a day & a half! She is so proud of herself. Big Smile

Maybe during the next snow day, she'll potty train herself. hehe. 

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Re: What Holly learned on her snow day.

  • Yay Holly!  She is fast!
    My sweet boy :)
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  • What a smart girl! She is too cute
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  • She got to her knees so gracefully, too ... she could have kept going! :) It'll be fun at the GTG at your house ... Savannah is doing the same thing. She gets this HUGE grin on her face, too - she must be so proud of herself. Hehe.
  • Nice - WTG Holly!  Glad she chose this weekend to do this, so you both were home and able to watch!  =)
  • YAY Holly! Super cute!
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  • yay holly!! how fun that u and DH both got to be with her when she did it!! she's so fast and is def. very proud of herself. these GTG's are gonna start getting very crazy with all the kids running around and crawling around. there used to be very few that could get around and now they pretty much all are in their own ways.
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  • Yay Holly!  Very cute!
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  • That is awesome! It's so cool when it just "clicks" and all the sudden they are pros.
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    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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  • YAY, Holly!
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  • Go Holly! Ashley watched it with me and said "look at the baby, she is walking, watch again!". So we have watched it three times :)
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