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Super Sexy 39 wk PIP

If this doesn't scream sexy, I don't know what does! My aunt had a hotel/pool party for my little cousin's 10th birthday and I wanted to swim. I obviously did not end up wearing this...I wore a sports bra instead of the top and a black shirt over it. Also, I didn't swim but put my feet in the hot tub for about 10 minutes, if that. So this is 39 weeks, sportin' my PP bathing suit lol. BF will be home anytime now and we're gonna get our sexy on...I mean, looking at this, who wouldn't wanna hit it Smile


Re: Super Sexy 39 wk PIP

  • Aww! You look fine :)  I had my DD1 in April and was rockin the bikini at 30wks at the beach.   I didn't care
  • Aw, that's cute. You should've wore it.
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  • You look good! You should've flaunted that belly! lol
  • I think pregnant women in bikini's are adorable!
  • Thanks ladies, lol...I probably would have worn it if I didn't have stretch mark city on my stomach & hips (and thighs, legs, butt...) and if the top didn't cut me in half--it's also a tankini but you can't tell lol.

    Oh, and I have a feeling sexy time will not be happening. I was on the phone earlier with my BFF while using the bathroom (be prepared TMI) and kinda forgot to flush. I'm sick, I know...well, BF just got home from work and went to use the bathroom. He ran out and said, "Gawd, I wish you'd flush!!!" Needless to say this has happened before...not a turn on apparently?! Damn.

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