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Texture Issues


M has always LOVED her solid baby foods, and likes most table foods, but she has major texture issues with things like pieces of bananas, strawberries, steamed/cooked veggies and fruit(like apples and carrots).  She will put them in her mouth then realize what it is and then will gag until she makes herself projectile vomit.  Have any of you had issues with this?  My Dr. said she will figure it out, but the last thing I want is a child who will only eat bread and cheese or only pureed food!

 Any advice from any of you moms who have dealt with this?


Oh and it is not a taste thing, she loves the pureed version of all of these items.

Re: Texture Issues

  • This is Keira. She will spit out her favorite foods in finger food form but eat purees fine. I did make headway with mashing bananas up instead of giving them to her in bits. Same with carrots. She still will not eat a pear (her most favorite food) in any chunk form though.
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  • She will eventually get the hang of it! DS started really taking to table foods when we stopped purees. I would only offer him purees once a day and just kept trying table foods. He first took to fruit (canned not fresh), raisins, crackers, cheese, pancakes etc. He still would love to eat just fruit & cheese, but he will usually eat anything
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  • She'll get the hang of it ... just keep offering them to her. My DD h-a-t-e-d those fruit cups, to where I was going to give them all away. But time after time she started to really like them. The other night she ate nearly 2 whole containers!

    Just keep giving the stuff to her ... over time she'll be ok w/ the textures!

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