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How much snow have you gotten?

So far, at least?  I'd say we have a solid 2-3", and right now, it's just sleeting a little.  The forecast says most of the accumulation is over though, so prob. not much more.  Did anyone in the Triangle get the 10" they predicted yesterday?

Re: How much snow have you gotten?

  • I haven't been out to mesaure yet but I thought it looked more like 3-4". Though I feel like its more packed down out there then it was last nite because of the last 3 hours of sleet/snow mix we've had. So i'm not sure.
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  • I'm in Charlotte and we got about 3 inches, but it might have been more since it's been sleeting most of the morning. Now it's just nasty outside. 
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  • I'm in Cary - I'd say we got about 4 inches - it's really, really powdery.  Will wanted to make a snow man, but is settling for a LOT of snow angels :)
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  • We have 6"  and it's still coming down hard! Yippie!!
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  • We have about 8 inches. We still have it coming down, but they are TINY little flakes - like sand. I'm pretty sure there is some sleet mixed in with it too - boo! :(
  • We have about an inch - it's sleeting now so its packing the snow down. I hope to go play this afternoon when the sleet may have stopped
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  • I'd say 4-5, but it's been sleeting since I got up at 6, and it has really packed it down.. We haven't ventured outside yet!

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  • We have 8" plus in Clemmons!!  Sleet and snow still coming down!
  • we have right at about 3.25" N of CLT and sleet.  lots of sleet.
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  • I'm in Apex, and I would guess 4-5". I think the sleet has really packed it down though. The sleet has been coming down all morning but I havent seen any snow lately.
  • we've got 7 inches and it's still lightly snowing.

    and thanks to coach, i made a nice bowl of snow cream. yum! it was DH's first time having it!

  • I think about 10 inches and it's still snowing tiny flakes.  I am in N. Durham Co.
  • I'm about 30 miles south of Raleigh and we have about 3-3.5" and it has not stop sleeting all day!
  • we have 4 inches at our house in concord.
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  • In North Wake Forest, I'd say we have at least 6"
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  • I am about an hour south of Raleigh and I don't think we got any snow, I think it was all sleet. But it was a lot, probably around an inch or so. It is just solid ice now.
  • I'm near Asheville and we have about 10.
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