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To clean my house or not to clean my house...

if the weather's crappy on Sunday, then no one will be coming over, which means I don't have to clean. If the weather's decent though, people like Murph and Nearly will come over and be all Judgey McJudgerson about smudge marks on my bathroom mirror. What to do, what to do. ;-)

Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


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Re: To clean my house or not to clean my house...

  • Sigh...I always clean a lot before a GTG and I am sure no one even cares. Maybe just do a moderate job, like don't clean your floors or anything!



    Photo Courtesy of Ever You Photography
  • u think Murph and Nearly will judge...u forget I'll be there and I'll judge you a ton!! HEHE j/k. I wouldn't go crazy. Honestly as long as its clean that kids arent' eating kitty litter off the floor and there isnt a ring in your toilet bowl and its generally clean I wouldn't stress too much esp. since the weather is so iffy!
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  • Please G I could never judge anyone for fear of being judged back! If I were you I wouldn't go crazy with it...but of course if your luck is like mine it will be all sunny and in the 70s on Sunday! lol
  • I'm going to judge you one way or the other.  Just sayin'.  =)

    Really though, I'd just clean the play area (your family room), and wait to do the rest.  In the end, if we don't come, at least you have a clean play room!  =)

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