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Colds or Stomach Bugs

We just got hit for the second year in a row with the stomach virus.

I got it first, 5 days later my daughter and then 3 days after that my son.  How do you treat colds/bugs in your home?  Especially since we have to assume they are highly contagious and they both will get them?

 I started bleaching everything immediately but another friend said, don't until everyone has had it because then you're doing it twice for nothing.

I just couldn't help it, I had to start cleaning in fear someone else would catch it.

Re: Colds or Stomach Bugs

  • I clean between people as well. Especially the bathroom. And I lysol things that can be lysoled - like door handles, telephones, etc. I normally am totally the kind of person who cleans their house with vinegar EXCEPT when there is the stomach flu and then I break out the big guns. We had it this Christmas while we were in Ireland at my IL's and it was miserable - MIL does not believe in cleaning. She bleached out the toilet and that was it. Didn't wash the bath mat sitting in front of it, didn't clean the sinks, not the kitchen stuff, nothing. When she finally got sick DH and I were well and we went out and bought all sorts of cleaning stuff and went to town!
  • I can't say for my household, as we haven't dealt with this, but growing up in a large family, my mom would clean every few days. She figured that it at least cut down on the number of bacteria/viruses just hanging around. Then she'd do a huge deep clean once everyone was done.

    Also worth mentioning, make sure to replace toothbrushes. Something not everybody thinks of, but one of the best places for things to stay on. 

    Awesome pic of hubby and DS#1

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    "My 101 List - Updating asap, I swear!

  • Thanks, yes that's one of the first things I did was throw out the toothbrushes.  And being home I clean more then 2 times a week, the bathroom practically everyday, but the toys (bleaching or vinegar) and stuff like that in between them getting sick is what I was wondering.  I ran a good 30 loads of laundry as they were puking on beach towels.  Had to run them 2 and 3 times and in hot water. 

    Thanks ladies!

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