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tips for baby in cast?

My dd is almost 3 months and had her first cast put on today to correct her club foot. Anyone have any tips? They didn't tell us much at the hospital. Anything to watch for? They only said some swelling is normal and to make sure her toes don't slip back, but I can hardly even see her little toes!

Did you just do spongae baths? How do you keep pee and poop from getting on the top if it is all the way up their leg?

TIA, ladies!

Re: tips for baby in cast?

  • I don't have much advice for an infant in a cast.  I can tell you that my 4 year old has had 2 broken feet in a bit under 2 years so we're pros at casts with broken bones.  :)  We do wide leg pants to make it easier.  I'd call and ask someone for more specific advice for her.  Good luck!
  • You probably have this all figured out already, but thought I would post in case these little tips help at all.  My 2.5 month old also has a club foot, and is now out of casts.  We bought a bathtub with the infant sling insert - made the sponge bath easier since we could just throw the cast over the side of the sling to prevent it from getting wet.  He hated sponge baths - too cold.  But bath time was very quick!  Also, if your DD has only one cast, consider getting BabyLegs for the non-cast leg. They are cute and are easier to deal with than pants (honestly though, the wide leg pants were fine for us as well).  Also, you'll want to get pj's without feet.  Carter's has great ones.  If you DD has to go into a Mitchell Brace later on, the BabyLegs can also be used to decorate the metal bar of the brace - it also protects your furniture a bit.  My kid didn't mind the casts so much, but there was a bit more of a "learning curve" for him to get used to the Mitchell Brace - about 3-4 days of a very cranky, screaming baby.  But now - 3 weeks later - he is fine with it and bangs it against the sides of his crib.  I call that my new alarm clock :)

    There is also a good Yahoo! group for parents with club foot kids.  Good luck - it has been pretty smooth sailing for us (knock on wood)!

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