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Doctor in Andover/North Andover area

Has anyone had experience with Dr. Marier Lemonnier or Dr. Michelle Rotter from Obgyn Women's Care?

Thank you for the help.

Re: Doctor in Andover/North Andover area

  • I don't see either of them, but Dr. Lemonnier is a very popular Dr in the area and always gets rave reviews.  Michelle Rotter is new to the practice (within the last 6 months or so), so I haven't heard anything about her.

     That's pretty much the only practice in Andover/No Andover that isn't affiliated with Lawrence General or Holy Family (I would avoid H.F. like the plague), so if you don't want to deliver at one of those hospitals they're pretty much your only choice.  

  • I see Dr. Lemonnier and she's wonderful.  I also love NP Donna; She's amazing.  Unfortunately they are not affliated with Holy Family anymore so I have to deliver at Winchester hospital (about 20min drive).  I don't mind since I am delivering by c-section again and it's a nicer hospital.  Dr. Rotter seems nice as well.
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