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New indoor play area opening in Dover!!!

I just saw a flyer for it today!!! I know it sounds crazy but I just hate driving over the bridge to Portsmouth to go to Rumble Tumble with my nephews. I always time it wrong and then get stuck in traffic coming home.?

It's not open yet but it looks like January ish. Anyone else heard of it? "Twice the Fun." Looks like it will have an area for babies, todds, and older. Some classes too. I will have to grab the flyer next time I go to the store. It is going in by Shaws. ?

Re: New indoor play area opening in Dover!!!

  • I hadn't heard of it....there is one in Epsom too I can't remember the name of it though! LOL!
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  • Haven't heard of one there either, let us know when you think of the name. I tried to goolge indoor play gym in epsom but nothing came up.
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  • Found's called Romp and Stomp 

     1424 Dover Road (RTE 4)
    Epsom, NH 03234

    I've never been there though the pics on their webpage look like it would be fun.

  • Cool, thanks! I am always looking for places to take the nephews (and soon our little one!).


  • I'm so excited.  My daughter just turned 6 months and I wasnt looking forward to driving to Portsmouth through out the winter to get to a place like that. but up there road is ok by me!  Keep us posted if you hear more!
  • That's exciting.  I am always looking for good winter activities to do with DS.  He's a crawler so it's a little harder to find stuff for him.  Romp and Stomp in Epsom is okay.  There is a gym in Concord, FLIPZ that has open gym sometimes, it's neat.  However there isn't much for my DS and it was crowded last time we went.
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