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Hi Everyone,

 I am so glad that I found a SJ board.  Anyone from Burlington County?  I am currently going to Phoenix Obgyn in Moorestown, but am not sure that I really like the office.  I had a few bad experiences.  Anyone go here?

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Re: Phoenix Obgyn

  • I go there! I actually switched over to there before I got pregnant and have had nothing but good experiences. I saw all the Dr.'s and of course I had my favorites but they were all good. Dr. Grossman delivered my son and did a great job. I guess the bottom line is that if you don't feel comfortable you should switch before you get really far along :)
  • I go to the office in Mount Holly and I usually see Dr. Shalit, he's excellent and the staff is good too
  • I also go to Phoenix. I'm curious to know who you saw. I am particuarly comfortable with Dr. Grossman and I like Dr. Gorlitski.

    Was it the office staff or the doctor that didn't impress you?

    You have to go with whatever is most comfortable for you personally though.

  • I've gone there for a while and have seen all the doctors. Dr. Shalit actually delivered my baby in June. I like it there. I started seeing Dr. Gorlitsky initially but they had me see everyone since they didn't know who would actually deliver the baby. It turned out that I saw all 4 doctors within the 18 hours I was in the hospital before delivering. They all checked in on me. I like them. Never had a problem with them.
  • I am so glad to hear that everyone likes Phoenix Ob/gyn.  I saw Dr. Gorlitsky for the first time at my last appointment and really liked her, so I have decided to stay with the practice.  Dr. Shalit was nice, but I felt really rushed with him and Dr. Grossman took a call in the middle of my appointment.  It was his daughter and he proceeded to talk for 10 minutes about their plans for the weekend.  It was so bizarre, because I had to just sit there while he talked to his grandchildren.  Not once did he tell her he was with a patient and he never apologized or anything.  Then he had me repeat my question that we had been talking about, because he couldn't remember what we were talking about and honestly neither could I.  Just thought that was extremely rude and really rubbed me the wrong way.  Maybe I will have better luck next time.   
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