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I'm about a minute pregnant, but already enjoying researching baby products.  Embarrassed

I have been looking for a travel system stroller, but one that I can also use as a walker/jogger soon after the baby is born.

what kind of stroller do you have?

usage? everyday/shopping/walking/jogging/traveling etc.

Do you think those ridiculous expensive strollers are worth it?

Do you have a travel system stroller?

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Re: Suggest your stroller

  • I think some of the BOBs accept carseats. I also have heard that the Bumbleride Indie is good for light jogging.

    However, I don't think you can do any jogging soon after the baby is born. I believe they recommend you wait until 6 months (I think) because they need to have neck control before you can take them in a jogger.

    I'm most likely getting an UPPAbaby Vista. Everyone I have talked to that has it says it is absolutely worth every penny. I have heard a few people say it's not worth the money, but they are people who have a typical travel system and didn't shell out the extra money so I can't really take their word for it haha. From all of the research I have done it seems like it will be the perfect fit for us. I think my second choice would be the Bumbleride Indie.

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  • I'll have to check out the Bumbleride Indie.  I found a travel+jogger online at BRU.  It has the car seat attachment so I think you can go jogging with it, even with a infant.  But the reviews are awful.


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  • Ya the Bumbleride has an attachment for a carseat as well. I know it isn't techinically rated for jogging, but it is supposed to be fine for light jogging. Here's a good video review on it:

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  • oh wow, thanks so much.  That was really helpful!
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  • a BOB definitely if you plan on running with it.  It does have a carseat attachment. 
  • Hello fellow Boston Bumpie!

    I have a Mutsy 4Rider - yes, one of those nearly super-expensive strollers. I think it's worth every penny. We have both the seat and the bassinette attachment. DS naps in the stroller (started when he was tiny), and we use it every day for walks, going to the store, etc. It has a $25 car seat adapter, so you can just snap the car seat in there and go.

    Like I said, the stroller is not cheap, but it's the only stroller we'll need, so it's definitely worth the money. I think the full price is about $700, but I was able to find it at a discount for $500, since it was a color that that particular retailer was discounting. So - if you do decided to get the 'super expensive' stroller, shop around online. You'll likely find a deal, and most sites have free shipping these days.

    Here's the pic of our stroller:


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  • we have too many stroller. I have a lightweight stroller that I need to sell. We have a stroller that was suppose to stay in MH's car but he always has too much stuff in there to keep it in the car, then we have a Jeep jogger and I keep the travel system stroller in my car. I like the travel system stroller the best. Its cheaper in the long run then buying everything separately. Our jogger does have a strap for the infant seat. We don't jog, but we used it when we wnet camping and also when we went into Boston & Newport with the brick sidewalks. It goes over those really well. Personally I don;t think the expensive ones are worth it. Our travel system (Graco Quattro) was rated at I think an 87% (#3 on the stroller list) by Consumer Reports and the Chico was trated at a 90% (#2 on list) so it was pretty compairable and it was at least $50 less. Why spend more money on the same stuff?

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  • We are getting the baby jogger citi-mini, it's $230. We read many good reviews. It is light and folds up SUPER easily (you can do it with one hand). It also reclines all the way back. We bought a graco infant snugride to go with it.
  • Honestly, I'd suggest that for now you just get the snap n go and hold off on getting anything til it is time for you to use it.

    Stollers are addicting and you'll find yourself with more than you ever thought.

    There is no such thing as an all purpose all terrain stroller. You can go light weight, you can go jogger, you can go all terrain.  For the newborn months, you aren't going to want to deal with the extra weight of the jogger or system stroller. The snap n go's are so cheap and you can find a ton on craigslist. You'll know much more about what you'll want after when that time comes.

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