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Oh abdominal muscles...

Are you forever "broken" ? 

When I contract my ab muscles there is still space between them where I'm guessing they "split" while pregnant with DS.  I haven't been able to find anything as far as tips or information in helping to tighten them back up. 

Crunches are painful.  Not because of muscles soreness, but because I can tell things aren't back in place, if that makes sense. 

Anyone else experiencing this?  I miss my abs, and I want them back, but I can't hardly work at it.  Nor do I want to do damage to them.

Re: Oh abdominal muscles...

  • It sounds like  abdominal diastasis. Go to befitmom.com


  • image AZAudiGirl:

    It sounds like  abdominal diastasis. Go to befitmom.com


    Thank you for this link!

  • There is not much you can do for this unfortunetely! If it is very minor, crunches might help but usually you need surgery to correct it. Sorry!
    Abigail Noelle, 8.29.09
    Brady Phoenix, 8.29.09
    Claire Zoe, 10.26.10

  • I've never had it but used to teach pre/post natal fitness. I've not heard of a case so severe you needed surgery. Generally you can use a resistance band (the kind without the handles) behind your back and hold with each hand to support yourself. I would talk to my doctor about it and then see a trainer who is certified in postnatal.
  • Don't do crunches. Crunches make your ab separation worse. I had it after I gave birth to my daughter and still have it but my abs are stronger and my tummy is flat so there is hope. Try looking for the dvd or book by Julie Tupler...Losing your mummy tummy.



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