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cloth diapering moms

Just wanted to let anyone know who is planning on cloth diapering that i went to the papaya patch in west hartford yesterday and they had wet bags and the diapers we are using and they offer discounts if you buy more than 3! also the lady who runs the store is really nice and she had her adorable son with her!!

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  • i didn't go to the class i was there earlier, was it good? i got a whole bunch of info on how to strip the diapers and prep them before we use them.  i might go for one of their carrier classes.
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  • better late than never right? I actually did both classes, for the diapers she pretty much went over all the different kinds they sold, how to use them, clean them so you probably don't need it. The carrier class she went over all the ones they sell and you could try them on using their "real" baby. It was neat, DH found a "manly" carrier he likes and I found out I actually love the wrap, its just this very LONG piece of fabric that you wrap and twist and it supports the baby, it also goes on both shoulders so I think it'll help with my back. 
  • how often do they have those classes?
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