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Suggestions for a baby shower location

Any suggestions for a great baby shower location in NYC?  Have about 25 people. 

Thank you!

Re: Suggestions for a baby shower location

  • There's a great restaurant called Moran's on 19th Street and 10th Avenue. I'm not sure what their prices are now but when I was planing my wedding 7 years ago, they were charging about $100 per person, liquor included for 5 hours so I'm guessing that a shower would be a lot less, even all these years later, especially if you choose not to have an open bar.  The only reason why we didn't choose this place for our wedding is because we had a lot of people driving and there is no parking anywhere so we had to pick a place that provided parking.

    I have eaten there numerous times and their food is amazing. I had my rehearsal dinner there and everyone had a great time.

     Their website is 


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  • ps450 good reviews and they have a private room.
  • Thank you for your replies.
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