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Yeahhhh! 19 mo finally stood up unassisted and took a few steps!

He is two weeks away from turning 19 months and finally stood up all by himself about 20 times yesterday and today.  We thought he would walk first and then need to build more strenght to get to a standing posistion by himself but he did it and took about 4 or 5 steps.  Problem is he wants to walk so fast that he falls quickly but this is progress.  He has not been diagnosed with anything yet and I hope it stays that way but they feel he is weak in his core and lower extremeties.  I was super excited and my DH shed some tears!!!  Yeah for my boy!!!  Maybe now he will walk before he is 2 (these were my hopes and I hope he now does)!!  Thanks for listening!

Re: Yeahhhh! 19 mo finally stood up unassisted and took a few steps!

  • Yeah that's awesome!


  • Yay!! I know exactly how you feel.  My dd did not stand alone or walk until 18 months, but she did both in a couple of day span.  She was a perfect 100% of the time walker within a week. 
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  • yay!!! I remember when DD took her first steps at 17 months, it was HUGE!


  • congrats! i cant wait to join you eventually. we have got some time before that though.
  • Awesome!  Congrats on that huge milestone!
  • That's wonderful!  Trying to run before he walks :)
  • That's wonderful!  I can only imagine how happy you must be!
  • Thats great!!  I hope that happens for my DD soon (she doesnt even crawl yet). Is your son in EI? MY DD is but Im not seeing much progress yet!

  • That is wonderful!!!
  • That is awesome!  My DS started walking at 19 months too. 
  • Yes, he is in EI.  He didn't crawl until 14 months, otherwise before that he just army crawled.  I knew something was up when he would push backward army crawling for much longer than he should have.  I had to teach him to go foward using cheerios on the floor :)  He is still get up on his own and taking a few steps but really is still just mainly crawling at 19 months but I just keep telling myself that it's progress.  Slow progress but still, we are moving forward and that is what is important.
  • Congratulations!  My DS is 18 mos chronological, 16 and 1/2 mos adjsuted, and just started to be able to stand without holding on, and has taken a step or two.  When he really starts walking, I think I will cry for hours.  Way to go!!!  I know how you feel!

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