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arm's reach mini cosleeper sheets?

We're looking to get one of these - the mini probably.  Anyone have one?  Do other bassinet sheets fit?  The Arm's Reach sheets are $17, while others are $5-7.


Re: arm's reach mini cosleeper sheets?

  • We had a mini & just sold it for an original size. DS is going to be in our room longer than we thought. 

    The mini will come w/ one sheet. The extra sheets you can buy are a 2 pack. Not sure if regular bassinet sheets will fit or not.  

    ETA: We did a Google shopping search for ours & I found them for around $14 I think at Target.  


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  • I read somewhere that you can get a king-sized pillocase that would work and you could add velcro if you wanted.  The sheets that came with it always felt rough to me!
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  • We got regular bassinet sheets at BRU- measure the mattress to find out what size/brand to get. She never uses it anyway though- would rather be snuggled next to me.
  • You should definitely get the Arms Reach sheets -- they're SO much nicer!

    We have the original (not the mini), and the sheets are awesome.  Just like regular fitted sheets, with elastic and everything.  Plus they're nice and soft.  We got a regular pack and play for grandma's house, and I was shocked at how awful the sheets are.  No elastic, and they feel thin and cheap.

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  • gerber bassinett fit
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